After The Rains…

I was disappointed with the clouds this morning after driving into Red Rock. I’d hoped for much more moody photos of the clouds crawling across and down the mountain ridges but the low pressure system had mostly moved away already…. Read More ›

As The Rains Receded

I was on my patio having a quick chat with a neighbour when I spotted this gorgeous scene unfolding to the East. I dashed for the Nikon which happened to have the 70-300mm lens on already and grabbed these photos…. Read More ›

Shrouded By Water

The photo with a partially visible mountain was taken yesterday afternoon. The other early this morning, wonderful rain! This rain is so badly needed. The magic mountain has disappeared!


Yeah, a messed up name or word but that’s pretty much what I saw this eve. During TV commercials, it’s a routine thing for me to have a quick break outside of my tiny mansion on the tiny patio. Not… Read More ›

At Firehouse Subs

This is not a paid advertisement for Firehouse Subs of course! This gorgeous painting is on the wall of my local Firehouse sub shop and is totally about Red Rock Canyon, very local! I used the iPhone, didn’t get the… Read More ›

Around Town This Morning

Our lovely sunshine has returned (yay!) and I tell ya, it makes a serious improvement in my daily mood. Having grown up and lived in Michigan for fifty-plus years, I have a deep appreciation for the number of days per… Read More ›

It Took Millenia

To create the beautiful mountains and valleys which surround the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. In some of these photos, you can see layers of rock, rocks and Caliche. The ledges are created by the Wash, which is where the… Read More ›

Along The Wash

Happy New Years Day friends, I hope you’ve had a fine transition into the new year. This morning I took a ride to one of my many favourite places near and around Red Rock Canyon for a few photos. I… Read More ›