Las Vegas Boulevard?

Yes! Several miles North of the Strip actually. Just lots of empty desert out this way… The truck and cars in the distance are on Interstate Fifteen which runs directly through Las Vegas and parallels the Strip. Las Vegas Boulevard… Read More ›

Nellis North

This is one of over one hundred photos I snapped yesterday with the Nikon on the north side of the valley. Don’t touch that fence, it’s the border of Nellis Air Force Base!

Around Las Vegas Yesterday

Ten more photos from yesterday’s cruise to the north end of the valley which includes some views of the Strip from a great distance away. Never mind all the damned smog hovering over the city, it comes and goes… You’ll… Read More ›


I’m really not sure about this but I assume this guitar neck is located at the Hard Rock Cafe’. I’m driving by on Tropicana Avenue in this shot. I think? Happy Thursday everyone, may you have a blessed day today!… Read More ›

Grafitti In The Wash

The wash that floods when it rains hard enough that is The last time I saw these boulders they weren’t looking this way and I don’t approve of this! We just can’t get away from the bullshit. Even several miles… Read More ›