This is one of the streets in our beautiful Downtown Summerlin! Great food and shopping, do visit us!

Las Vegas From Above

I stopped along the road for these shots, lots of dangerous traffic! But I got the shots dammit… hehe. As you can see, it’s a long way up to where I was, the Pass is behind me. Helloooo Las Vegas!!

On The Way To The Pass

And then on the way back down too. And that rain was really intense too, rain drops just seem to be larger here in the desert! More photos from today to come. Those rain sails look awesome in BW or… Read More ›

Rising Up The Stratosphere

I may take the short trip to the Stratosphere tomorrow or soon for some better photos from up there. The Stratosphere Tower offers plenty of very different photo opportunities as compared to photographing the Strip at ground level. This time,… Read More ›

Patriot Dust Control

Dust control is mandatory at construction sites around Las Vegas, hey, this is a desert! And it’s dusty as hell at times, we had a recent dust storm! Have a look around my little apartment, dust control is needed in… Read More ›