Lake Mead Lows

Look closely at these photos, you can see where the Lake Mead waterline used to be. Regardless, a long ride along the Lake Mead shoreline is always an enjoyable ride with over fifty miles of smooth paved road, and plenty… Read More ›

How Dry is Lake Mead?

Have a look below. The ledge I shot some of these photos on should actually be several feet underwater, Lake Mead is around eighty feet below (I think?) it’s full level with no end in sight of the drought here… Read More ›

Lake Las Vegas

I took an early drive today to get the hell outta this little apartment and headed toward Lake Las Vegas. I also stopped by the little Marinas at Lake Mead so I have some photos coming from there too tonight… Read More ›

A Rocky World

If you watch and enjoy science programs on the toob as I do, then you know that some of the planets in our local group are rocky worlds, while others are gas giants. These black and white photos may as… Read More ›