The Tall Guy

The tall guy in the room always draws the eyes… Joshua Trees are people too, desert people of the Mojave.

It’s True…

And I am very sad that Bonnie Springs Ranch has been sold to developers. Greedy money grubbers. I don’t know all of the details so I can’t say more about it, it doesn’t matter. I was born and raised in… Read More ›

Heading South on The 215

Here are three more shots from early today, I’m heading south on the 215 freeway after visiting the bike shop where I recently purchased my new Kona bike. I purchased a GPS device for speed and distance and a small… Read More ›

Old Donkey Photos

I can’t seem to find the wild donkeys anymore in the desert. Someone told me recently that many of them were rounded up and moved elsewhere but you can’t believe everything you hear right? Sadly, Bonnie Springs Ranch has been… Read More ›

Good Breezy Morning!

Howdy from Las Vegas Valley where it’s currently sixty two degrees with full sunshine and too much wind! I have zero plans for today except make some fresh chili and have another nice bike ride. Peace to you!  

Going Up, Looking Down

This photo is looking West on Lake Mead Boulevard from the East side of the valley. Frenchman Mountain is to my left, the Muddy Mountains to the right. Lake Mead proper is several miles East behind me. I am easily… Read More ›