The Bush Ball

Whilst waiting for yet another traffic light today I grabbed the Nikon and shot these balls. Bush balls. I don’t suppose they have balls but they sure do look like balls. Big balls. One ball actually had antennas though, so… Read More ›

The Bug

I passed this nice looking VW Bug yesterday, had to get the shot. my sister had a blue car just like this one in the 70’s. It was a fun car to ride around town in, air-cooled engine and all…. Read More ›

Las Vegas Boulevard?

Yes! Several miles North of the Strip actually. Just lots of empty desert out this way… The truck and cars in the distance are on Interstate Fifteen which runs directly through Las Vegas and parallels the Strip. Las Vegas Boulevard… Read More ›

Nellis & The Boulevard

If you follow Las Vegas Boulevard north of the Las Vegas Strip, you’ll eventually end up in the open desert near the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and some nice views of the runways and Nellis Air Force Base. That dark… Read More ›