Concrete Graffiti

I’ve been out most of the day today getting new photos and just bullshitting with lots of people around the Red Rock Canyon area. Because of this, I’ve got tons of new material to process and upload including people, shiny… Read More ›

A Bridge In The Desert

Bridges here cross the myriad of Washes (natural drainage channels) that are everywhere in the Mojave Desert. Have a look at Google Earth or similar and note the spider-like legs or drainage channels that go in many directions from the… Read More ›

Cocoa Rock

I’m terribly colour blind but this looks like the colour of cocoa to me! It’s magnificent to view in person!


I’m at Range Road at the two fifteen freeway here. Las Vegas is totally surrounded by ranges. In this case, you see a portion of the Las Vegas Range which I believe includes a portion of the Sheep Range. Love… Read More ›

Las Vegas Valley

On the way home from the Overton and Lake Mead run the other day, I snapped these photos on the way downhill and back into Las Vegas Valley from many miles north of the city. Never shoot photos while driving… Read More ›

Lake Mead Boulevard

Here are several photos from a couple days back while heading East toward the Lake Mead National Recreation Area on Lake Mead Boulevard. There are about two million people in Las Vegas Valley so our traffic isn’t light and the… Read More ›