I found some photos that seem to have been lost on the Mac. Eh? Unyawns are so good and versatile!

Gass in The Distance

You are looking north on Rampart Blvd with 6,943 foot high Gass Peak many miles further north. If you are into hiking, there is a well marked trail to the summit. This peak is the highest in the Las Vegas… Read More ›

Scorpions Attack!

Walking through my garage this afternoon taking groceries into the kitchen I spied something sticking out of one of two sticky traps either side of the entrance on the concrete. Oh look! Another one! One trap already had a nearly-dead… Read More ›

Laughlin Rework

I retooled these old photos this morning, maybe because I have no plans for the day… Another ride down to Laughlin, Nevada would make another nice day trip! Day Tripper Yeah! More on Laughlin, Nevada.

McTerrible’s and McDeath

McDeath: fatty, salty and high blood pressure. McTerribles: cards you for alcohol purchase even if you are 95 years old. I’m not joking. These two companies are match made in hell.