Kona Bike

I’ve been thinking about a new bike for a while now, so yesterday I found a reputable bike shop just a few short miles from my home. After some talk with the man in the shop about what kind of… Read More ›

Blood Suck Morning

Here are two photos from early this morning, too early on the way to the hospital for a blood draw. Again… A beautiful sunrise today with nill clouds and a calm wind for a change. The latest Wind Storm lasted… Read More ›

Turn Left at Gass Peak

At 6,943 feet, Gass Peak is no tiny mountain, I so wish I had the health to hike the trails to the summit. Learn more about Octavius Decatur Gass here.

The Summerlin Spiral

Taken from east of Downtown Summerlin, the Summerlin Spiral as I call it protrudes above the higher foreground yet is dwarfed by the Front Range behind it. Beyond these small front ranges are two mountains covered in snow. Those peaks… Read More ›

Little Pricker

Always be alert and watching for all the nasties on the ground when walking around the desert! This baby Buckhorn Cholla will whoop your ass. The Joshua Trees also have deadly sharp tines on their ends. 🌵

Walking The Stripes

A Las Vegan crosses a busy intersection. If I were that dude, I’d have my head up and scanning around for numb nut drivers man! Last year there were around 400 pedestrians killed in Las Vegas for different reasons. KNOW… Read More ›