Testing The Canon

During my trip to Michigan last month for the family Christmas, my father decided he doesn’t use this older Canon camera and said take it home with me. Sure, thanks Dad! I’ve used it a little bit and have purchased… Read More ›

Bare Frenchman

Frenchman Mountain stands 4,055 foot above Las Vegas and is basically a barren rock. I just found a couple hundred photos that people have taken from the summit. It’s jagged and sharp up there and has a fenced in area… Read More ›

BW’s from Yesterday

Yesterday I drove to the area of Losee and the fifteen freeway looking for a CB radio shop. I found it, but the oner wasn’t there. Closed. Nice! No biggy, I only wanted to see the shop and what’s for… Read More ›

Queens Ridge

Sorry for posting these again, but I love the architecture and had a couple opportunities to get these today. Just one colour photo in this batch, Nikon with 70-300mm. Learn more about Queens Ridge.