Can’t Scratch That!

So I’m in couch potato mode right now and my newly re-inked tattoo starts another one of it’s itching events. Grrrr. Me not happy camper man! And I was just contemplating which was actually the worst part of being tatted… Read More ›

The Power Of Water

As you can see in this not so small Wash in Lovell Canyon, water can be dangerous! And your body is made up mostly of water too. Does this make us dangerous too? OK, bad joke but I really wouldn’t… Read More ›

Grafitti In The Wash

The wash that floods when it rains hard enough that is The last time I saw these boulders they weren’t looking this way and I don’t approve of this! We just can’t get away from the bullshit. Even several miles… Read More ›

Lovell Canyon On iPhone

More to come from my short trip yesterday in Lovell Canyon. The iPhone made this image look kind of weird… No plans today except my truck needs a good cleaning…