While taking photos of the Police Memorial yesterday morning, the view to the East was calling me. I had the Nikon but it was in the truck some distance away and had the zero-zoom Prime lens, why not use the… Read More ›

Photos From A Cruise…

I took the Nikon for a ride today with the Prime lens attached for a switch up. It’s so fast as compared with the 70-300mm boomer lens. Las Vegas Valley is really delightful at this time of year. The triple… Read More ›

The Grand Trunk Bulletin

This antique train depot was built in 1900 in Lapeer, Michigan. It’s obviously used for other functions and occasionally hosts meetings for local groups for various uses.

The Egg Man?

Or The Bunny Man? In any case, he’s rather fun looking isn’t he? My mother got this fella several years ago from – I have no idea but mother was very proficient at interiour and exteriour decoration. I’ve posted this… Read More ›