Places Today

Today I went back to Living Spaces for a few items for the house, specifically the two spare bedrooms which are now finally completed! Ugh. I both like doing this stuff and dislike it at the same time… It’s nice… Read More ›

Kona Bike

I’ve been thinking about a new bike for a while now, so yesterday I found a reputable bike shop just a few short miles from my home. After some talk with the man in the shop about what kind of… Read More ›

Two Way Transmission

The radios on the left and right are VHF/UHF radios for Ham Radio. The centre radio is an MURS radio which is a five channel band allocated for 2 watt low power communications for businesses, families, hiking and so on…. Read More ›

Blood Suck Morning

Here are two photos from early this morning, too early on the way to the hospital for a blood draw. Again… A beautiful sunrise today with nill clouds and a calm wind for a change. The latest Wind Storm lasted… Read More ›

Turn Left at Gass Peak

At 6,943 feet, Gass Peak is no tiny mountain, I so wish I had the health to hike the trails to the summit. Learn more about Octavius Decatur Gass here.