The Late Night Trailhead

Today I wanted to fly the drone around this trailhead but it was just too windy but not by much. I chose to keep the drone safely in the truck! So, all I got were these sort of interesting photos. Blah. At least the damned clouds and light rain went away.

The mountain is Mount Potosi which serves as a major transmitter site for several FM Radio stations in southern Nevada. Mount Potosi tops off at just over 8000 feet. The famous actress Carole Lombard died in a crash on this mountain in 1942 along with 21 others.

It was a clear and moonlit night when TWA Flight 3 didn’t clear the mountain peak. Today, TWA Airlines is long gone as are the great actors and actresses that once made Hollywood so wonderful. Today, that greatness is long gone.

A Three Mile Hike Round Two

These are the last photos from today, walking the very easy First Creek Trail. You gain about one thousand feet of elevation from where you began. This trail goes well beyond where I went as I learned from chatting with others along the trail.

Given my health, I kicked some serious ass on this walk and turned back when the body said enough. Listen to your body. Photos can’t fully express the beauty of this magical little place, with it’s natural spring water crick moving briskly as you walk.

A lovely sound. The base of the nearby mountains add to the scene, and the sound of the wind passing through the trees and bush nearby. Obviously, there is a spring further up ahead somewhere, wish I could include it in this post and my photo collection.

Flying The Ledge

Hey! Here’s a video from yesterday where I was flying the little drone off a ledge and back up. doesn’t sound terribly exciting but hey, I’m a noob at piloting a drone. That’s my excuse and I’m stickin’ to it! It’s so enjoyable to have control of a drone. This video is a bit over two minutes, it’s OK if you don’t watch the entire video! 😎

A Three Mile Hike

Yes! For me, a three mile hike is a solid accomplishment considering a weak heart and three blown Lower Lumbar discs. Never let health issues like this stop you from living life! I met a few really nice folks out there this morning, several from Ohio. It was windy as hell!

The couple from Ohio said they’d been to Las Vegas before but were looking for a different experience than the Vegas Strip this time. I told them that’s awesome, there’s so much more to Vegas than the Las Vegas Strip. much more, as my photography reveals.