Red Rock Canyon

Mojave Love

Watching the weather unfold back southeast as the weather buff I am, I’m glad to be staying put here in lovely Las Vegas. Dry is good.

After The Blood Draw

I headed out toward the desert, not ready to head home yet after that delish Subway Sub and Fasting for basically almost twelve hours! Would you like to live in my sunny state?

Blue Diamond

I posted some photos of Blue Diamond last month, here is another set from this tiny little town on the edge of the Red Rock Canyon area. Happy Hump Day! More on Blue Diamond, NV

Canyon Cruising

I took the long way to the beer store today for some photos. I was trying the Neutral Density (ND) filters again, haven’t messed with them much. Though they are the same for the 70-300mm lens as on the little… Read More ›

Desert Life

I will be leaving the Desert Life behind sometime this year for Florida. Things have really changed in my life recently… And I am OK with this.


I used iColorama to give this slightly older photo a bit of move and groove! Groovy baby!

Sails In The Desert

I can’t speak for others, but I have always called these sheets of rain falling from the clouds a Sail. Weather folk have a technical name for them, mine is the John name. Rain in the Mojave Desert yesterday, always… Read More ›

Desert Mood: Gray

It’s been raining, chilly and windy in the valley and surrounding areas all day today, not the usual weather for this time of year. Should be warmer but that’s coming first of next week when we return to nearly one… Read More ›