Photos From The Canon

During my trip to Michigan, dad and I were talking about cameras which is something we never discuss. Suddenly, he asked me if I would like to take a Canon camera home. Next goofy question please? Turns out, this is a Canon Rebel XS which he purchased in Florida in 2010. This camera is in mint condition and was used just twice in the last seven years which is really mind-blowing to me as I have ran the shit out of my Nikon over the last year or so since it’s purchase. Gladly, I have an extra camera bag!

So I charged the batteries up and cleaned the two lenses that came with the camera. I believe this purchase was also a Kit purchase as was my Nikon. Whether or not the 70-300mm lens came with it I’m not sure, I purchased my 70-300mm after the initial sale. in any case, the camera also has an 18-55mm lens as does the Nikon at purchase. These photos are test photos to me, and I’m aware that they are rather redundant. What say you about these photos? I find the focus is better on my Nikon…

As The Sun Sets

I was out a bit later than usual yesterday, I rarely go out after dark. The canyon has a different mood here and I wonder what it’s like to be out here at night? 🤔

California Beach Bikes

This is what these two guys riding these bikes told me they are called. They had these bikes strapped on the back of their California car so I assume they know what they are talking about! I did look up these bikes, what I saw looked nothing like these bikes.

The simpler looking bike was welded together and never painted. They both have three speed shifts with the shift mechanism inside the rear wheel hub. They have custom chains as well, I’d love to ride one! But it was windy as HELL this day. Vegas Wind Storms!

A low pressure centre was literally blowing through the valley which blew me ass over tea kettle while squatting down for the shots. Love these bikes! Don’t love being blown over!

Celeste Wesner

A couple days ago I was walking through the desert very near the Red Rock Overlook and came across this grave site. I did some research and didn’t turn up much except that she was not from Las Vegas and died in 1998 of causes I couldn’t find. I did find photos of this grave taken by others who were also very surprised to come across this. My question is – why was she buried here, and how was permission obtained to bury a person in this location? This is a very public location, but the grave is not in open view.

Testing The Sigma Lens Once Again

Sorry for the redundancy with these photos, I seem to do this a lot. Actually I’m considering shifting gears with the site a bit by including more street photos from anywhere around the city. Street life. City Scape. People, which isn’t something I usually do. Also, I made the trip up to Mount Charleston today, had lunch at the Mount Charleston Lodge which was delicious. Lots of wide-angle photos from today up there which is why I went up the mountain. Hope you’ll hang around for the new series. Enjoy!