Red Rock Canyon

Just Outta Town

Just outta Las Vegas you’ll find plenty of desert beauty. This is a different version of this photo which was uploaded recently.

Driving Beauty

The other day out and about I snapped tons of photos as usual, and started digging through that folder of photos today. This photo really stood out for me for it’s clarity and colours. The whispy clouds are beautiful too.

Calico Basin

This is a better looking version of Calico Basin this time, the HDR software does a nice job. I don’t use all of the options of the software, just keeping it simpler. I like simple. Simple stuff for simple people…. Read More ›

Black and White Joshuas

A bit out of focus yet still makes the cut. A rain squall was coming over the top of the Red Rock Escarpment in the background which seemed to lend itself to the photo. 😎


Well, today was yet another day I’ve had to stay out of my new house because of the interiour painting going on. I’m sick of this shit and my house STINKS! Yeah, I knew it would and that this would… Read More ›


Photo from near Red Rock Canyon, this is the Red Rock Escarpment with a wide angle lens. Sunburst!