Red Rock Canyon

Crusing The Desert

I had a ride out of town briefly today to the desert for a few photos of stuff I’ve likely photographed anyway. But I got the hell out of the house for a couple hours! It was 99 degrees today… Read More ›

Looking Way Down

Although you can’t tell in the photo, it’s a very long way to the bottom of the valley you see here. A small portion of the actual Red Rock Canyon proper is visible at far left and centre of the… Read More ›


Yes, Vividity is actually a word. Once again I reworked this photo by adding much more colour to it, what do you think? Overkill? Overdone! I added a whole lot of vividity!!

Desert Hell

Here’s a rework of an older desert photo from just outside Las Vegas last year, adding the red makes things look like you are on Mars or some planet in another galaxy. Desert hell!

The Big View

These photos were taken inside the BLM US Fee area just outside of Las Vegas. It is a twelve mile loop which passes directly by Red Rock Canyon proper so if you love hiking and a good climb back up,… Read More ›