Red Rock Canyon

Big Valley

This is looking south from the base of the Lamadre’ Mountains behind me. The Red Rock Escarpment is visible on the right side.

Group Hiking

Whilst waiting for more bird photo opportunities yesterday, a large group of hikers headed out for a wonderful hike into Calico Basin, such a lovely hike! And a hike I will dare to attempt myself when the weather cools just… Read More ›

Screaming Green Trees

I had a ride into the desert today, haven’t been out there for a bit so I hit Calico Basin first which is where I grabbed this photo. That intense green really grabbed my attention and the rock behind makes… Read More ›

The Fault Line

This is a small portion of Red Rock Canyon proper, the East end where it’s not nearly as deep as further on. If you love Geology, Mountains and the Mojave Desert then you should visit this area when in Las… Read More ›