Aunt Jane’s Pickles

I love pickles. Do you love pickles too? Me too! I snapped this photo during summer, 2017 in Michigan with the iPhone. Where was my Nikon? Back home in Nevada dammit! You can read more about Aunt Jane’s Pickles. This… Read More ›

Michigan’s West Coast

This is my home state of Michigan from 19,000 feet last week. This is the West Coast of Michigan on beautiful Lake Michigan. Our Great Lakes are actual Inland Seas!

Closed and Abandoned

While on my recent trip to Michigan for my dad’s surprise 90th birthday party, I gave myself an extra day as usual to drive around and see the places I used to frequent years ago. Castaways is now closed and… Read More ›

Drinkin’ Beer

I have worked with these two awesome human beings for over twenty years. They are my brother and sister, regardless of being no relation whatsoever. Great human beings, beautiful memories. Photo taken at my dad’s 90th surprise birthday party. Note… Read More ›

At Dad’s Surprise Party

Here are a few of many photos I snapped at dad’s surprise 90th birthday party this past Saturday the 12th. My sister and her husband couldn’t have planned this party any better! I have the video of the big surprise… Read More ›

Wedding Reception Memories

Three photos from summer 2017 in Michigan at my daughter’s wedding reception, held at my sister’s home on the lake. These are iPhone photos as I was so chickenshit about bringing the Nikon. That was a mistake as you can… Read More ›

The Rains Have Gone

iPhone photos from this morning. The rains have left the valley giving us our beautiful sunshine back! I can speak only for myself but when the sun isn’t shining I feel droopy and sometimes grumpy. More Vitamin D please! *****… Read More ›

Days Long Ago

Good sunny morning friends! I have nothing new today to post, so here is an iPhone photo from the summer of 2017 when I attended my daughter’s wedding reception. I was on the other boat when I took this iPhone… Read More ›

Signs Of The Times

Here are several road signs I captured along the 215 freeway today while heading back home from an early mission. Can you tell I don’t have anything better for today? Well, now you sort of know your way around Las… Read More ›