Going Up, Looking Down

This photo is looking West on Lake Mead Boulevard from the East side of the valley. Frenchman Mountain is to my left, the Muddy Mountains to the right. Lake Mead proper is several miles East behind me. I am easily… Read More ›

Sky Life

I rarely get to travel in an aircraft, so when I get the chance I’m on it. Usually it’s flying to and from Michigan twice per year, as soon as the weather warms the hell up in Michigan, I plan… Read More ›

An Accident

Not me gladly, but on the way home from purchasing a new (and smaller) microwave oven I passed by this sad sight. I’ve been in some serious accidents over the years but none resulted in hospitalisation.


Six photos from a while ago on approach or departure from Chicago. Flying is fun except when hubs like Chicago’s O’Hare are involved!

A Lucky Shot or Not?

On the way home yesterday from the Moapa Valley, I turned my Nikon around and snapped this photo. Talk about being chased down by truck drivers! The 35mm lens was attached, the 70-300mm lens would be too heavy for such… Read More ›