We Northeasters use different words to describe things in a different way than those here in the Desert Southwest. In conversation with people here in Nevada I find it funny that people here don’t see the LP fuel tank below as a Pig. Nope, no legs, no coiling twisty tail or pink snouts or oinks here! Nor are there any breakfast foods either but I can certainly recommend using the LP gas in this tank to cook your bacon for breakfast!

The Lapeer County Courthouse

I’ve wanted to get some better photos of this very old courthouse for some time now. Well, it was twenty degrees or so and breezy when I used the Nikon and a 35mm Primary lens for these photos and it wasn’t an enjoyable experience for a person so completely acclimated to the Mojave Desert environment. Summer may have been better but then the leaves would block some photos. Who’s being picky here?

In any case I hope you like my little mini tour of the courthouse exterior. The building didn’t appear to be open hence I didn’t attempt to go inside. I’ve been inside plenty of times over the years. The last time though was some years ago with the now ex wife just before we were married. Well, we can’t allow old memories that make use uncomfortable to interfere with moving forward in our lives can we? Nope…. Eighteen photos in this set.


I’ve several photos of Blondie, such a sweet girl! But this one is the best I have of her sweet little face. I’ve never seen a dog with such long eyelashes either, this photo doesn’t show them though. Bummer. Blondie is just eleven months old in this photo!