The Tiny Camper

After looking this little trailer over, I bet it can sleep two people sort of comfortably but there’s no apparent bathroom. So get ready to climb out in the middle of the night and stumble about looking for that golden… Read More ›

The Sigma Five

These five photos are from yesterday near my favorite place – Red Rock Canyon. I consider them test photos but they are looking pretty good, I’m really happy with this new lens! As with anything photography, this little one pound… Read More ›

Jana’s Red Room

Whilst stopped at a traffic light on the way home from the Hoover Dam Bridge Walk today, I spied this cool painting and entrance which I’ve found is a working art studio on Charleston Boulevard I think. More on this… Read More ›

Microwave Relay

This 100+ foot tower is along the Canadian National (CN) Railway in Lapeer, Michigan. It’s a new tower and serves as a microwave signal relay and communications for the trains. I was once a serious train buff! Photo is by… Read More ›