Gulf’s Promise to You

I snapped this image in 2015 while on an antique auto tour with my dad. Times have changed haven’t they? It’s not the norm to find a clean pooper these days…

Tarpon Springs

I snapped this photo some years ago in lovely Tarpon Springs, Florida. Many years ago I lived near Tarpon Springs, but after losing a home and car to the dangerous weather down there, I left Florida. Florida is a beautiful… Read More ›

A Dank Day

Today I headed out to the big box store to choose a new kitchen sink and a couple other stops. As you can see by these photos, it’s not a good day for much but the ducks must love it…. Read More ›

Slow School Zone

Now, does this sign mean the the entire school is slow? Or just the adults? Or just the students? Hahaha! I took this photo in 2015 while on an antique car tour with my dad. There were a couple stops… Read More ›

Just a Quick Drive

I decided on a quick ride around the area this afternoon, here are three photos, one shows elevation changes nicely with Frenchman Mountain many miles east.

The Mirage

Somewhere well south and east of Las Vegas I captured this great looking mirage. Is anything really what it seems to be?

Navigating The Big City

As I have mentioned before in this space, traffic in Las Vegas is heavy and on the increase with many people moving here as I did. I’ve had to learn how to drive in big city traffic and am comfortable… Read More ›