California Beach Bikes

This is what these two guys riding these bikes told me they are called. They had these bikes strapped on the back of their California car so I assume they know what they are talking about! I did look up these bikes, what I saw looked nothing like these bikes.

The simpler looking bike was welded together and never painted. They both have three speed shifts with the shift mechanism inside the rear wheel hub. They have custom chains as well, I’d love to ride one! But it was windy as HELL this day. Vegas Wind Storms!

A low pressure centre was literally blowing through the valley which blew me ass over tea kettle while squatting down for the shots. Love these bikes! Don’t love being blown over!

Las Vegas Metro PD

Yesterday I happened upon yet another injury in Red Rock Canyon. Last Saturday, a rock climber fell and was killed. Yesterday, a woman fell sixty feet according to the Metro officer I spoke with. She will survive but has three broken ribs and other injuries. May I Kindly suggest finding another hobby that is less threatening to your continued existence? I have a video of the Police rescue chopper lifting off but may not upload it unless I can reduce the file size. Thanks WordPress for limiting my enjoyment here.