Runway 26L

Just above and to the left of the warning sign is the threshold of runway 26L at McCarran International. I’ve touched down many times on that runway, it’s so interesting to be landing when I look out the window and recognise the roads and sidestreets.

It’s always so nice to be landing back at home but this summer I’ll not likely make the usual jaunt to Michigan because of this damned virus.

I am not a happy camper! I had a nice chat with my dad on the phone this morning for Fathers Day of course, and spoke with my daughter too.

I miss my family so much, but I don’t regret the decision to put down root here in Las Vegas, I’m not so sure that I could handle living in Michigan again after seven years here in the wonderful weather we have. Well, it’s very nice most of the time anyway!

The distant mountains are very much higher than they appear!

Southwest Arrival

From early today, I was standing under the approach path once again, of the runway at McCarran. This is the first time I’ve used the 24-70mm lens at this location. No big zoom which was a bit odd for me. I always used the big zoom lens on the trusty old Nikon D3300 body at this location. I had company today, a guy was standing in the same general area across Eastern Avenue with his big-body camera too. Hmmm..

A bit later, this image was captured, not the best photo but it works. This is a Southwest Jet just seconds before it’s touchdown. I am glad that some of the businesses have reopened on the Vegas Strip, but is it just a bit too soon?

Let us use Common Sense if there is even a tidbit of it left in our country.

Back To Sunset Park

Today is so gorgeous that I really wanted to get out of the house, so off to Sunset Park again. I took the city streets down there and man what a pain in the ass. Honestly, I’ve never witnessed so much driving ignorance in my life. These dolts take some unbelievable chances with other people’s lives and property. And turn signals? Duuuuhhhhh what is a turn signal?

I took the 215 freeway home, much faster and mostly dolt-free.

Here are the first photos of around sixty that I snapped this morning. The last time I was here, the island had a whole lot more overgrowth on it, it looks so much better now. And you can see the Easter Island statue better too. This place is a waterfowl paradise for the many ducks and other birds that hang out around the manmade pond.

After photographing some wonderful birds, I crossed Sunset Road looking for a few airliner photos on approach to our McCarran International Airport. There were several flights touching down and lifting off which I am happy to see, yet I believe it’s still too risky to fly. I rang my dad in Michigan about flying up there this morning.

He and I are on the same page with flying right now, I think it’s still too risky to make my usual summer journey up to Michigan to visit my family. That really sucks so bad! Chatting on the phone or texting is better than nothing, but you can’t hug your children over the phone! I miss my family so much. It’s a price I’ve paid for staying in Las Vegas after the divorce in 2016.

That said, it was the right choice for me, I love the desert and the city, sans the drivers!

Final Approach

Here’s an older photo, perhaps two years ago where I stood directly under the approach path at McCarran International Airport here in Las Vegas. This is a Regional Jet, or RJ made obvious by the engines mounted aft on the fuselage. These are my favorite aircraft to fly in, small, agile, and need so much less runway than say an Airbus A320. This photo is on a wall in my home.

The Approach

This is a Regional Jet or RJ approaching touchdown here at McCarran International. I am standing directly under the approach path which for me is great fun! Photo two hangs on my wall but it looks a bit different.


These are iPhone images from my travels in the last couple years or so. I’ve got plenty of video of landings and liftoffs too but video doesn’t seem to capture the interest of many of you here.

Video isn’t so easy to work with either since I use Vimeo now as WordPress is greedy with storage. My photos are now uploaded at 150kb’s or so too so they may appear just a bit crusty.

That sucks but thanks again, WordPress for diminishing the quality of my photography.

A Military Liftoff

While not a very clean, clear or crispy photo, it does show the Las Vegas Strip and a military jet aircraft lifting off from our Nellis Air Force Base. Nellis AFB was once the main airport for Las Vegas long ago. Occasionally I can hear the jets as they fly from east to west, well north of my home. It seems to depend on the atmospheric conditions. The aircraft are far too small for me to see them several miles north of me but I can sure hear them! I really love jet engines!

A Nice View of The Las Vegas Strip

I recorded this video with the iPhone one or two years ago departing Las Vegas for Michigan. The aircraft used a different runway this time that has a fine view of our very expensive Las Vegas Strip. Welcome to Sin City. We then gradually roll right for the northeast hop toward Michigan. This aircraft sounds like an Airbus A319 or A320, beautiful aircraft. I kinda love to fly!

Poetry In Motion

Iv’e been fascinated with aircraft for as long as I can remember. I love the shapes of them and the physics involved in getting a 100 tonne or more aircraft eight miles off the ground. Poetry in Motion! This is the last aircraft photo.


Full Flaps and Two Antennas

Fly the blue skies! So much beautiful blue sky over Las Vegas most of the time. The extreme closeup image shows full flap extension on the right wing for landing as well as two communications antennas. Most aircraft communications take place in the AM Mode as opposed to the VHF FM Mode. Amplitude Modulation -vs- Frequency Modulation. AM is much more readable with low signal levels. Frequency range is 110 to 136MHZ.


The Touchdown

After I left the park yesterday going crazy with bird photos, I headed across Sunset Road to my favourite place to photograph airliners as they approach I think it’s runway 8L for touchdown. I was successful in capturing the gradual decent. Unfortunately, the final photo when you see tire smoke on TD was too blurred to use.


The Memorial

This is the final photo set from the trip up the mountain a few days ago now. I saved these photos for last, we should always honour our service men and women. The plaques are as readable as I can make them, I hope you’ve enjoyed this rather large set of photos, folks. In total before processing, they all together were about 2.5 gigabites!

State-Owned and Valley Views

The landscape photos were taken yesterday while out and about, the chopper is owned by the State of Nevada. It’s not illegal to search the internet by searching the aircraft registration numbers. It’s actually public information.

Almost There…

This photo was taken sometime in 2018 under the approach path at McCarran International Airport here in Las Vegas. It’s also been hanging on the wall in my home too for about as long. The RJ was about ten seconds from touchdown but you can’t see the runway obviously. Would you like to see more airliners?

On a different note, I have finally broke down and purchased the Business Plan offered by Why? You probably know that I’ve removed thousands of posts from this site due to that damned so-called Premium plan. There’s nothing premium about it! Truth is, if I weren’t uploading so much content I wouldn’t run out of space so quickly. But this is how I run this site so I’ve had to pay the price, literally.

Just After Liftoff

Here is a different look of the Strip just moments after departing McCarran International. I tried some different HDR looks but went with this simple view. Perhaps it’s similar to an old movie about the city?

Over Lake Mead

Nearing Las Vegas and home the other day I snapped these with the iPhone. Next time I need to get the Nikon out of the suitcase for the flight. Looking closely, you can see the ‘bathtub ring’ left on the canyon walls as the lake level has fallen for many years now. Lake Mead hasn’t been at full pond since the 1980’s, it’s very sad!

Departing Las Vegas

This iPhone video was recorded December fifth as I headed for Michigan, it’s two minutes long. It shows some really great views of the beautiful Las Vegas Strip and the valley as we head west after liftoff then turn right for a northeast course toward Chicago. I really enjoy flying and don’t fear it at all. Are you fearful of flying?