Rain Sails from On High

Rain Sails are common over Las Vegas in the Monsoon Season. Small clusters of rain clouds pour their badly needed rain upon the valley floor far below as do the very large and angry storms. The rain sails, or shafts, always look beautiful to me as seen from the ground, in two of these photos, those sails are at about the same altitude as the aircraft. Lovely! I really miss the fun of flight, and of couse my family in Michigan.

Landing Gear, Down and Locked!

After leaving Sunset Park yesterday, I drove directly across Sunset Road to my favorite plane-spotting location. A place where the aircraft pass directly overhead at about 100 feet or so. The sound of the air passing over the wings is loud and awesome, seeing the belly of 100+ ton aircraft so close to giving you the crunch is exhilarating! And the engine sound, excellent!