Pumping Jet A

These aren’t terribly interesting photos but this is how we fuel up for the 2000 mile journey home to Las Vegas. The wings are full of Jet A fuel. ❀️😎

Dip Right

This is a short video of my departure from Chicago, headed home to Las Vegas. There’s no place like home!!

On The Wing

These are five iPhone 10X photos from my departure to Michigan a few days ago. No room for the Nikon on this trip sadly, you can certainly see the difference between the two cameras if you’ve followed my meager photo… Read More ›

The Whirlybird Spins Again

Rotation. It’s all about rotation! The big blades hold the bird up, the small vertical blade stops the bird from spinning out of control. The entire bird rotates in a large circle above whatever is going on below. Life is… Read More ›

The Bombardier Challenger 604

Here is a privately owned jet I photographed a couple days ago departing from our McCarran International Airport. I love these small private jets too, aircraft for me are like poetry in motion! You can read more on this aircraft… Read More ›