Good Morning from Flint, Michigan

Well the party’s over. We had another wonderful family Christmas yesterday! Such fun and joy sprinkled with love! My heart is full again until I see everyone again next summer after the snow and ice have melted away.

My dad dropped me off at the airport and I’m always here far too early but better early than late of course. I look forward to being home late this afternoon among my beautiful mountains and valley.

Here’s an iPhone shot from the big window overlooking the airfield at Flint Bishop International Airport this morning, such lovely colours! See you soon my friends.


TD At Flint Bishop

I will be landing at this airport tomorrow afternoon again if the weather permits. This Michigan native doesn’t like the cold weather or snow these days, looking forward to seeing my family of course but not the white shit.

Departing from Tampa Bay

This is the best airliner departure video that I have taken, period! The only ooops I made was a left finger over the camera lens briefly. The rate of climb is so amazing in the Airbus A320 aircraft, such raw power from those big beautiful turbine engines. Do you enjoy flying or do you say to yourself oh hell no I ain’t going up eight miles high in a flying tin can? Still safer than a car! The video is 3.5 minutes long, you’ve been warned.

Into The Blue

Just a random photo taken at the park today using full zoom. I can’t read the registration numbers so I couldn’t get any information on the aircraft. This information is available to the public…

The Mitsubishi MU-2

I actually do remember this trip I took with my dad, his dad and mother! We flew from Oakland County International Airport to Quebec City to drop off my dad and grandpa for an extended hunt deep in the Canadian wilderness. I recall the flight being very choppy and being able to set right behind the pilots which was a thrill for an eleven year old kid! This may also have been one instance that led to my life long love of flight and aircraft. The Mitsubishi MU-2 is still in use today too, it’s a turboprop aircraft too!

Michigan Aviation is still in business today!

On The Ground and Aloft

One of these iPhone photos shows the beautiful rolling mountains below us as we approached Las Vegas last week from the east. In the other photo, the plastic inner window the outer or both created a weird but nice bokeh effect. Sometimes the iPhone can deliver decent results…

Liftoff, Spoilers Up, Touchdown!

Man oh man… I once again snapped way too many photos on this recent trip to Michigan and Florida with the iPhone and Nikon. I’ve been digging through the mess, slowly tossing the shit shots as I go along. In-flight and wing photos are so cliche’ of course but for yours truly, aircraft are an obsession. It’s the physics of flight that have always fascinated me since I was younger, what is involved in thrusting a 100+ ton aircraft up to eight miles above the Earth’s surface? A lot of physics! Would you like pretzels or peanuts? A filet steak!

On The Ground, In The Sky

Five iPhone photos for you this Las Vegas eve. The all-white aircraft is a cargo jet owned by Kalitta Airlines which is based in Ypsilanti, Michigan. These were taken at Tampa last Saturday just before departure.

First photo: I love those rolling waves far below!

The Airbus A320 Aloft

This is an iPhone photo from not long before we set down in Las Vegas yesterday. I was really pleased with this photo. This aircraft was just two years old according to the pilot via the intercom. I’ve never flown with Frontier Airlines, I must say that the just over four hour hop from Tampa Bay to Las Vegas was a pleasant experience.

The crew have a great sense of humor too by encouraging the passengers to wave their hands and stretch! It was funny. The company is heavily investing in the Airbus aircraft according to the pilot again in that they have twenty five more Airbus aircraft on order. A growing airline in today’s very competitive market is wonderful.

I have a wonderful video of our departure from Tampa Bay yesterday but hesitate to upload it because it’s three minutes, thirty seconds in length and that will gobble up a good lot of my storage space. I’ll try converting it from the .MOV format to an MP4 format, see how small it will go. I wish Apple would offer the MP4 option on the device.

Oh, and the touchdown at our beautiful McCarran International was in my view, easily the smoothest touchdown I’ve ever experienced in any commercial airliner. Well done, Frontier Airlines! And no, I receive zero compensation for the endorsements…

This engine develops around 40,000 psi of thrust per square inch, impressive!

The Biker Gang

On the way home from the unplanned visit to the dentist office this morning, I saw this big gang of bikers out for a morning ride. And a beautiful day for a ride it is too with sunshine and 76 degrees. Ahhhh yes. Mojave Desert love! So last night I was chewing on some toast when my almost brand new Bridge popped out. What the hell!! Gladly though I didn’t swallow the damn thing.

I washed it off really well then put it in a pill bottle and off to the dentist I went really early this morning. So glad they were open! I basically walked right in and had the bridge reinstalled. Damn good dentist office! So now I have a yummy breakfast from my local breakfast joint in the fridgy but can’t eat it until eleven or so. Yay for microwave ovens!

My aircraft lifts off at five thirty tomorrow morning, I’ll be heading to Michigan then driving a rig to Florida and flying home from Tampa Bay. Wish me luck!

Flight of The Officers

While at the horse arena earlier today, once again one of the Metro police choppers showed up doing it’s big circle around the bad guy action below. I could hear the police car sirens blasting not far away as the officers did what they do best. Keep Las Vegas safe! Thank you officers for your work!

The Six Bladers

OK, Bladers isn’t a word apparently but whatever. Here is the last set of aircraft I spotted yesterday. I looked up the name on the side of these beautiful Chinook aircraft and found that they had traveled all the way down from Billings, Montana! Wow, what a ride that must have been. We’ve seen these beauties in action in war zones, it’s great to see these powerful flying beasts being used for something better than in a killing zone. The Chinook has long been one of my favourite choppers!

The Speedy Two-Seater

Yesterday I photographed three different aircraft whilst parked in one spot. Apparently I unknowingly picked the perfect spot for aviation photos, and I didn’t even drive to my favorite photo spot near McCarran International Airport either. Both of these photos are highly cropped, hence they are still a bit grainy looking in spite of my attempts to clean them up. Still, you can see that there are two men in the two-seater aircraft. I have no idea what kind of aircraft this is, do you?


The Winglet is the result of studies on aerodynamic drag in an effort to save fuel on commercial aircraft and others. For a better explanation of winglets, click here. I’ve been an airliner nut for many years which is why this technology is so interesting for me. Flight is poetry in motion! And tons of physics too. Combining two fascinating subjects to me makes me happy! Did I say I love to fly too?

The Crappy Dam Photo

Getting a clean photo of our beautiful Hoover Dam is damn difficult with an iPhone! The fact that the aircraft was likely moving at 300+ miles per hour already even after just departing from lovely McCarran International Airport. I’m not fearful whatsoever of flight, just crappy iPhone photos haha!

Sadly you can see how very low the water level is

Pumping Jet A

These aren’t terribly interesting photos but this is how we fuel up for the 2000 mile journey home to Las Vegas. The wings are full of Jet A fuel. ❤️😎

On The Wing

These are five iPhone 10X photos from my departure to Michigan a few days ago. No room for the Nikon on this trip sadly, you can certainly see the difference between the two cameras if you’ve followed my meager photo blog for a bit. This time I was able to spot my neighbourhood from the aircraft as it turned to the north and then east for Chicago O’Hare. Those damn slot machines at the airport are also in gas stations too…

The Whirlybird Spins Again

Rotation. It’s all about rotation! The big blades hold the bird up, the small vertical blade stops the bird from spinning out of control. The entire bird rotates in a large circle above whatever is going on below. Life is a circle! And we meet again…