Round And Down You Go!

I wish that you could see this view with your own eyes, the camera can’t do the view real justice. It’s a very long way down there to the bottom of the valley, and those mountains are far higher than they look in the photos. One of them is a solid 6,000 feet high, that’s a bit more than one mile high. This range forms the north end of Las Vegas Valley.

The other photo was taken while heading out of the city on Charleston Boulevard toward Calico Basin with the walls of the ancient fault line easily seen with clouds touching the top. I would like to wish each and every one of my readers, followers a wonderful, blessed, safe and happy 2022. May you find good health and happiness in 2022, my friends!

More Beautiful Desert Views

I had a nice chat with a woman in the grocery store this morning who is also a native Michigander, it’s so nice to talk with people who know the lifestyle we live in Michigan. People are more friendly and easygoing than here in Las Vegas. She even knows just where my hometown is and has been there. It’s truly a small world, isn’t it? Even her words sound like a true Michigander, our dialect is slightly different than here in the desert southwest. A little taste of home.