January 2019

Here are a few more old photos from my deep archives, the road is Charleston Boulevard. This road crosses the entire Las Vegas Valley but continues west into Red Rock Canyon then turns south for Blue Diamond which is a tiny little town. The clouds were shrouding the mountains beautifully! The current weather here is sunshine and 95 wonderful degrees.

More Pods

Yes indeed, more seed. It was 105 degrees while I was shooting these and the previous post photo too, wanna go shooting with me? I like to shoot under a bright sunny sky because it helps bring out the best colors in most things in my opinion. The Nikkor 18-140mm lens captured the previous post and these photos. I purchased this lens four or five months ago and it never fails to do a great job for me. Thank you, Nikon!

Seed Pod Up Close

The heat has kept many hikers, rock climbers, and whoever else out of Red Rock Canyon apparently. I took a ride out to Calicl Basin this morning and saw just three cars in the parking area. Taking a short walk, I saw zero Golden Mantled Grond Squirrels and very few birds. The heat really did a great job, didn’t it!

I took very few photos today, pulled three out for this post, and tossed two of them as being too fuzzy. There are still plenty of Joshua Tree seed pods on top of the trees, some of them are decayed like this one pod. It’s currently 100F outside and a very comfortable 73 inside, perfect for assuming the couch potato mode.

Another Sunset Photo and The Gloomy Desert

Yes, just one more sunset photo last eve, the colors are popping nicely in this one too. I did a great job of dirtying up Rainbow Mountain too, thanks to Photoscape X on the MacBook.It’s been beautiful today with the temperature hanging around 70 degrees, I’ve been pruning the bushes out front throughout the day. All that’s left to be done is to scuffle hoe the rocks to make them look less sunk into the ground around the palm tree.