Red Rock Canyon

The Big Valley Below

What is this? To the right is the Red Rock Escarpment, basically an ancient fault line. Those mountains are much larger than they appear in the photo. Left of centre you can see a bit of Charleston Boulevard as it… Read More ›

Desert Travel

I’ve found travel around the Mojave Desert to be very easy over the last six years living here. Since it usually doesn’t snow on the desert floor, the roads are in pristine condition compared to up north. The sights and… Read More ›

The Beauty of The Mojave Desert

This view is one of many that keep me living in Las Vegas! To walk among the desert plants, to hear the wind and the sounds of the desert is for me a powerful experience that I cherish.

The Rocky End

You’ll go no further north on this road. If you hike around that rock face you’ll be rewarded with a dry riverbed that fills only when  it rains hard, you can follow it for a very long way. I hiked… Read More ›

The Beautiful Western View

Oh those beautiful Spring Mountains! I’ve become quite fond of the mountains that surround Las Vegas Valley and recognise them instantly when nearing Las Vegas from outside of the valley. Perhaps I appreciate them a bit more as I come… Read More ›

Changing Roads

With Charleston Boulevard directly behind me, I change roads to the SR 160 westbound which begins my trip to Pahrump via the Mountain Springs Pass. Beyond Pahrump many miles is the termination of SR 160 at the ninety five freeway.


Head west on Charleston Boulevard from the city, you’ll eventually see this beauty ahead of you. The Red Rock Escarpment is really beautiful!