Color, No Color

Four old photos for this upload, the four-point building is the church I attended before the divorce. It’s the chapel the church added not too many years ago. The other color photo is looking westward at the Red Rock Escarpment, or fault line many miles away. The grayscale photo with the palm tree is in my backyard, the other is somewhere in the city.

The Panoramic Spin

Here is a video from the drone I no longer own a few years ago just west of the city. There is no audio and I think the drone was at 400 feet when the video was recorded. The main road you see is Charleson Boulevard. You can also see Calico Basin, a favorite location for photographing birds and Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels. To the west, you can see the Red Rock Escarpment covered up with clouds too. The video length is just 46 seconds.