Hiding in The Mojave

Today is just too beautiful to sit around the house like a couch potato so I hit the road early today. I made a stop at my favorite camera shop on Sahara Avenue and picked up a nice bag perfectly sized for my Nikkor 24/200mm lens so that I can carry both lenses while shooting. I used both lenses today.

The traffic in town is rather heavy but not too bad in the open desert which was nice, the weekends are too busy out there for me.

I wanted to get some closeups of Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels but saw none in Calico Basin, so I went west a few more miles to the Red Rock Scenic Overlook where I did get a few photos of them but they were really zoomed in so I’ll see how those look when I get to them. I did capture a large black bird in flight, that will be interesting to see how they look too. Today has been another great day behind the lens!

Flight of The Drone

This is not my drone, I photographed it at the Red Rock Scenic Overlook in 2018bwhen I still had my mini DJI drone. Apparently, the owner/pilot let me photograph the drone as it hovered. I am not a fan of flying drones in a very public area such as this parking area but hey, I won’t be liable for what may happen! Photos from the Nikon D3300.

Loop Trip

During yet another trip to the pharmacy, I decided to go west just out of town for some random photos for the blog. It’s a beautiful day again but a bit cool. I forgot that it’s Saturday which means the recreation lands out there are stuffed full of people. I stopped at Moenkopi Road instead of going farther in.

So here they are, there is another set yet to be processed behind this one. On a different note, my doorbell camera recorded someone trying to enter my home last night around 2AM. I am going to take the video to my local police station on Monday morning.

I have a great video of this asshole to show the police, I hope that I can help the police catch this guy. Maybe he has prior arrests. The police are your friends, people, regardless of what the current crop of young hooligans say.

Snow Squalls Blow Over The Ridge

This morning I headed back out to the open desert for some landscape photos since the weather called for snow showers at higher elevations. I was well rewarded for the trip out there. I brought the 200mm lens along but never used it since the 24/70mm was doing a dandy job with its wider angle.

I did stop by Calico Basin for some (redundant) squirrel photos, but the little buggers were apparently hiding from the strong, very cold wind. Just one brave squirrel came out from the thick bushes to grab a peanut I threw out. Even the little birds were not interested in coming out to play.

Smart little birds and squirrels! It really was quite cold up there, all I had on was a Tee and light jacket, oops.

I will upload a few more landscapes tomorrow with the snow coming over the ridge of the escarpment, or fault line. Since my Instagram account is now dead, I have thought about my posting schedule here on the blog. Things seem different now for the blog, so, what I am going to do now is upload just twice per day.

I fully admit to uploading too much which has made it somewhat difficult for folks that follow this blog to keep up with the busy schedule I’ve used for a long time now. I hope this change will help my visitors! I will be looking around for another platform for my photography to reside at too, which will take some time to figure out.

I hope you like this next set of photos, thanks for stopping by!

Variations of My Photos

I’m sure you’ve noticed a few familiar landmarks in some of my photos in this set, but with a little different appearance. Perhaps looking in a slightly different direction and with different colors and tones. That’s the case in one of these two photos. The road is again Charleston Boulevard, the other photo is looking pretty much due north. I looked for the name of the mountain at center but didn’t find it. They all have names in this area though.

South Along The Fault Line

This is such a nice view, you are looking south or southwest along a fault line which is a part of the Spring Mountains. The western slope of this ridge is accessible from Lovell Canyon which is a fairly short drive on SR160 through the Pass at Mountain Springs, Nevada. That’s a pretty darn steep climb to around 5000 feet, then you have an easy downhill run to Lovell Canyon Road where you’ll turn right. The road is about 13 miles long and dead-ends.

Landscapes Around Red Rock Canyon

Technically this area is due south of the canyon but you get the idea. Once again, I snapped too many photos but I also like to take a few extra photos since sometimes you think your photo is good, but it’s actually a blowout. I like to believe that I’m getting better at my hobby. If not, then I’m sure having fun regardless of screwing up! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐ŸŒด๐ŸŒต