Red Rock Escarpment

Another Set from Red Spring

Here are ten more photos from yesterday at Red Spring at Calico Basin. I found one storyboard photo that didn’t get into the previous post on this historic site, oops. Blue skies, beautiful rocks and a short hike that my… Read More ›

More On Red Spring

Yesterday I had another walk at Red Spring in Calico Basin. This time I snapped some photos of the information panels or whatever they call them so that you can read a bit about the place. It’s very fascinating to… Read More ›

Cornball Snow

I’m surprised my spellcheck didn’t underline Cornball! This isn’t a recent video, it was made at least one year ago showing me westbound on Charleston Boulevard outside the city and heading toward the Red Rock Escarpment several miles away still…. Read More ›

Desert Rains and Hoover Dam

Good morning from sunny and windy Las Vegas Valley. Well, not much to talk about in this space today as I’m hanging at home waiting for my doctor appointment regarding the stones. I’m so tired of feeling like this, the… Read More ›

I Love Little Birds!

No matter the specie and colours, they are all such beautiful little critters. So free and happy! This morning I stepped outside in the backyard as I usually do, a small bird flew by my head very close in a… Read More ›