The Old Road to Bonnie Springs

No, I won’t complain about the destruction of a favorite place again, the road made an excuse for a title. Regardless, here are once again more photos of the fault line and escarpment.

The last three, by the way. I’ve been a busy bee here today, got the laundry done, repaired a messed up kitchen drawer that was jammed by a turkey or chicken temperature gauge and a sharp point.

Why does crap like that happen? I don’t relish disassembling my kitchen! Next up is mopping and dusting this very dusty house. My self-imposed lockdown has me talking about some very mundane topics, eh? Blah!

Charleston Blvd, Outside the City

You’ve seen photos like this recently, these are similar but looking in a different direction. The fault line is on the right. Charleston Blvd runs all the way from the east of Las Vegas to the west side of the valley, then continues west about eight miles then turns south toward the town of Blue Diamond, Nevada. A few short miles more, the road terminates at SR 160, or Blue Diamond road. Turn right, you’ll climb a few thousand feet into the Mountain Springs Pass. From there, you’ll head west then south toward Pahrump, Nevada.

Still In The Desert

Are you tired of these photos yet? I took too many photos the other day! Today’s forecast is for very comfortable temperatures between 86 to 90 degrees and sunshine. Very nice!

An Angel Over The Desert

Last eve I was having a cold one in the backyard and noticed this very large white angel, flying so high over the Mojave Desert. Do you believe in angels? I sure do! The other photo was taken two days ago near Bonnie Springs Ranch, or what’s left of it. I think another ride into the desert is in order, and soon!