Looking North along the Red Rock Escarpment

In these two images when you look beyond the Joshua trees you are looking roughly northwest along the ancient fault line known as the Red Rock Escarpment. I searched for some geologic research papers on the geology of this wonderful piece of art but found nothing I liked to link to.


The west side of this fault line has sloping mountainous terrain and is part of the beautiful Lovell Canyon. I wish I had the health to hike into these mountains as it’s so beautiful on the Lovell Canyon side as well. I’ll wrap up this rather large set I took with the new Nikon Z-6 camera today.


What’s Left…

Bonnie Springs Ranch was a nice place to visit. Today, some former employees are possibly still searching for work. Thanks so much to those greedy land developers who will eventually build homes here. Last I checked, you can’t take your supposed wealth with you to Heaven…


Dried Up Seed Pods and Beautiful Mojave Views

I had these ten photos already processed so why not upload them… I’m amazed at how much better I feel (though not outta the wood) after taking these apparently very powerful antibiotics. Wow. My lungs are much less irritated or ‘on fire’ since yesterday. Thank God for these drugs, and the many other drugs I take each day that keep my body going.

I am still very surprised at the difference this Nikon mirrorless camera makes in my amateur photographs, wow. It makes me look like I really know what I’m doing behind the camera lens! I’ve plenty of photos left to process which is a good thing because I’m going to be laying very low for the next two days to allow my strength to return. Here’s the latest set.