Red Rock Escarpment

Escarpment Beauty

The Red Rock Escarpment is a natural fault line running north and south at this location near Red Rock Canyon proper a few miles north of here.

The Valley

Just outside of Las Vegas you can find some serious peace and quiet almost anywhere. The rat race that is a big city gives way to calmness and serenity of the Mojave Desert. ❤️

Riding The Lonely Road

A lone cyclist rides west and south on Charleston Boulevard many miles outside of the city. It’s too damn hot for this even if you are in great physical condition! Good luck buddy…

Mojave Distances

Distances here in the Mojave Desert seem different to me because of the lack of trees down here. Take a drive up to our Spring Mountains and the Alpine altitudes, you’ll find all the trees you could ever want. I… Read More ›

A Walk at Red Spring

Yesterday I drove to Calico Basin just outside of the city to check out the newly rebuilt boardwalk at Red Spring. Trust me folks, the old boardwalk was in really shitty condition, hence the state closed it down before someone… Read More ›

The Lamadre

Those peaks way up there are a portion of the Lamadre Range on the west side of the valley. The stone is different up there, hence it looks very different to those much further below.


Dead ahead is the Red Rock Escarpment, or your basic Fault Line. Those cliffs are many miles away actually, the photo does no justice to the size and beauty of the scene. Nevada love!