Cornball Snow

I’m surprised my spellcheck didn’t underline Cornball! This isn’t a recent video, it was made at least one year ago showing me westbound on Charleston Boulevard outside the city and heading toward the Red Rock Escarpment several miles away still. Ting ting tap tap go the millions of little cornballs… I don’t like snow.

Construction Zones, City and Desert Views

I woke up at the usual six AM this morning and felt very motivated so I cleaned up the house and a few other things. After that I wasn’t ready to do nothing so off to the desert I go. For whatever the reason, my usual haunts out there were far busier than the last time I was out about a week or so ago. My guess is that folks are still off work due to the new year.

I’ll be bloody honest – the folks riding bicycles out there piss me off. They aren’t doing anything illegal at all but I’m always amazed at how close these dipshits ride to the white line as the group of guys riding did. They seemed to be racing each other and were wobbling all over as they moved along. Do they believe they are stronger than my 4000 pound truck?

In the other photos you can easily see that the nasty smog level has risen again, yuck! It’s a nasty colour too as well as being a reason that an online friend recently moved away because of a doctor recommendation. I again tried playing with the changes in elevation as I descended in a few of the photos. Some of the photos today are via my Tamron 10-20mm wide angle lens.

And how about that taco truck? Years ago working at the family business, a truck like this only larger and better would pull into the shop mid-morning with tons of food for sale, and an actual steel top grille to make fresh food! The behind the scenes joke was calling it the Roach Coach. I never saw or ate a roach thank God! I didn’t like the fact that there is NO English on the van I saw this morning.

On the way home I was going to hit a Jimmy Johns for a cold sandwich but ended up at Subway because of traffic. Inside waiting to order it quickly became obvious that the current shift spoke nothing but Spanish behind the counter but spoke broken English (in my opinion) when communicating with customers. Are you kidding? Honestly, this pisses me off.

So you want to live in this beautiful country with all of it’s wonderful opportunities but won’t speak our native language? Yep, like it or not immigrants and those not immigrants, English is indeed the language you should be speaking behind that counter. I am a man of many opinions and am not shy about expressing them, especially here in my domain but not that many people really give a shit right?

Desert Rains and Hoover Dam

Good morning from sunny and windy Las Vegas Valley. Well, not much to talk about in this space today as I’m hanging at home waiting for my doctor appointment regarding the stones. I’m so tired of feeling like this, the dull aches and dull throbbing going on inside me, it’s like a thunderstorm banging in my innards.

I’m going to insist the doctor steps on the throttle and get this damn situation taken care of, I’m beginning to get pissed off waiting so long! Since I’ve not been out today, in the open desert or elsewhere with my Nikon, all I have today are some old photos of a nasty thunderstorm in Red Rock Canyon about two years ago.

That lightning strike was too close for comfort! Gladly I was safe inside my truck. A different photo was taken at Hoover Dam also a couple years ago, I’ve been meaning to get back down there this winter, summers are a tough time to go because of the heat. It shows two winged figures which I don’t remember the names of.

The photo with the palm trees all in a row was taken yesterday but I couldn’t process it right, there was a street sign there, I didn’t do a good job of removing it, one of those photos I have to laugh at myself about. I’ll be back later today in this space should you care to visit, hopefully with something interesting to upload.

I Love Little Birds!

No matter the specie and colours, they are all such beautiful little critters. So free and happy! This morning I stepped outside in the backyard as I usually do, a small bird flew by my head very close in a serious hurry. It was a little dark blur! I’m glad he or she didn’t smash into my face! These cuties were seen in Calico Basin.

Different Faces of The Escarpment

These are surplus photos as I call them, photos that didn’t make the cut the day I snapped them which was a few days ago now. I’ve given them each a different look. I can’t find a suitable link to information about the Red Rock Escarpment and it’s geology, sorry about that readers! Especially if you love geology…

Joshua Trees

Joshua Trees are amazing. They grow only in the Mojave Desert and can live up to 700 years too. This tree has adapted itself perfectly to the wide variations of Mojave Desert weather and temperatures here which can range from freezing all the way to well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Some of the Joshua’s around Las Vegas have been damaged by the wild donkeys that roam the Red Rock Canyon and Red Rock Escarpment areas. The donkeys will slide themselves close to the trunk so they can eat the dead matter on it as far as I know. In any case, they eat the trees, bad donkeys!

Around The Bend

Where Charleston Boulevard turns south along the beautiful Red Rock Escarpment. That rock face is much larger and higher than it appears in the photo! Watch your speed too, the BLM police are always around.


A few years back some rotten developers starting causing homes to pop up like pimples that were spreading toward the open desert as I call it. Specifically, toward beautiful Red Rock Canyon. Then, Bonnie Springs Ranch was sold, the large parcel will have guess what built on it – more pimples. This makes John a very unhappy camper seeing the beautiful Mojave Desert being turned under! Nothing is sacred today except profit… That profit came at too high a price.

The Fix It Station

New at the Red Rock Overlook is this cool Fix-It station for use by the many bicycle riders that transit the several miles between where Charleston Boulevard leaves the city proper (in my view) and meets up with Blue Diamond Road or SR-160 southwest of Las Vegas. It must be a nice ride in terms of the scenery but it’s on the side of the road, no thanks.

It’s a simple device really, inside the vertical shaft you see several cables within, each having a specific tool attached to it’s end. What you can’t see is what I didn’t think of photographing – behind are two horizontal pipes which support the bike up high for easier access to the work. I hope the public won’t vandalise this thing, it’s a useful device.

Mourning Dove at Calico Basin

Such cute birds and I love the sound they make when in flight. This area has seen some really nice renovations in recent months with the old and dangerous boardwalk being rebuilt with modern materials and some new signage, one of which you see. The parking lot has been striped and the bathrooms repainted. The little bit of landscaping around the picnic tables has been redone as well. Obviously one of my more favorite places!

Outside The City Today

So I headed out of the city again today, I’m tired of being home too much. I tried for some Ground Squirrel photos but there were too few hanging around my usual places in Calico Basin but got a couple bird photos, the squirrels are tough to photograph as they move so often and fast. Here are a few more landscape photos but with the Nikon 70-300mm lens this time. The sun was bright, it makes a major difference in image quality.

Slowly They Crumble…

For about two million years the Red Rock Escarpment (fault line) has stood here ever so slowly crumbling and tumbling down as earthquakes, weather and time eventually reduce it to nothing. I’d love to hear it’s story…

People Enjoying Red Rock Canyon

It’s a very long way between the Red Rock Overlook and Red Rock Canyon proper as you can see in these photos by the cars parked. The canyon is a major gash in Earth’s crust and can’t be seen unless you are very near it. I assume nobody is climbing the rocks directly behind the canyon, this area is rock climbing heaven.


This morning I did some business along Charleston Boulevard, being fairly close to where it heads into the open desert I decided to have a quick ride out there. Of course many of you have seen these same scenes out there before, apologies. Come to Las Vegas, I’ll be your local tour guide! I didn’t care for the lighting today, the sky was completely overcast which I personally don’t like for landscape photography. Other photographers prefer less light in my experience.

On another note – today was one of those days when I find it a little bit tough to handle living here in terms of the people. No, they are not all assholes of course but what twists my chain are the drivers who apparently believe that they have absolute free reign to drive as they please with absolutely no regard for the safety of other people other their property. It’s so unfortunate that Metro isn’t catching these rotten sons a bitches… Thanks for allowing me to vent a bit…

The Beautiful Desert Sky

As you can see, all of the clouds have gone leaving Las Vegas with plenty of Vitamin D and beautiful skies! Current temperature at the moment is in the low fifties, great weather for lots of activities.

Can You See Red Rock Canyon?

From this perspective it’s not possible. In the photos, roughly left and down a bit of centre is about where the canyon actually is. To get to it, you must pay Uncle Sam the entry fee since this area is under the jurisdiction of the BLM. I forget how much it is, I used to have a yearly pass too…

The entire twelve mile, one way only road was repaved a couple years or so ago so it’s a nice ride with wonderful views. Along your way you’ll know when you get to the canyon, trust me. It’s a huge gash in Earth’s skin! If you have the time when visiting Las Vegas, head out there, it’s worth the time.

Just take Charleston Boulevard west and you’ll drive right to the park entrance. 🌵🌴