Chili With Ground Turkey

Since stopping eating red meat, I rarely put any meat in my chili but this time I seasoned the turkey very nicely while in the frying pan. This plus adding other herbs to the pot itself brought out some very delicious flavors in this new pot which was made yesterday. It got the same six-hour slow cook that all of my chili pots get. I love how good my home smells when walking in the door from outside!

I Don’t Have A Balloon But…

But we can imagine we are flying! Have you ever taken a ride in a hot air balloon? If so, I tip my hat to you for your bravery! I was heading out of Lovell Canyon for home when I recorded this video. The photo was taken while I was stopped at the traffic light to hop on the 215 to head north for home.

I’m On A Tiny Little Road

Let’s continue with my trip yesterday into Lovell Canyon yesterday. This is a short video at 1:30. A high of just 58 degrees is on tap this morning which is around ten degrees below the normal temperature here for this time of year. Should I try a bike ride? Plenty of eBikes were seen riding yesterday.


Yum! the taste tests indicate that this pot will be better than the last because I added far more fire to it while it was being built. Slow-cooking on the lowest setting for six hours will help those flavors to mingle and increase their deliciousness factor. Would you like to try a bowl this afternoon with me?