Old Cars, Deer Blinds and Flight

Here are a few more clicks from last week’s visit to Michigan. For this trip, I took the Sony RX100 mark7 instead of the Nikon. After getting some real use out of the Sony on this trip, I regret not bringing the Nikon and perhaps both lenses. The Sony does a dandy job but it just can’t quite keep up with the Nikon’s image quality.

Note to self – always take Nikon on these trips! The reason for taking the Sony is the very small suitcase that I use, traveling very light is the way to go these days as a single guy. I want a small bag that will fit in any overhead bin except the RJ aircraft, or Regional Jets.

The deer blind has a small space heater atop a twenty-pound pig to keep you toasty while waiting for Mr. Buck. It also sports reading material (crusty old magazines) and a funnel attached to a hose that ends underground for a certain situation. I’ve always thought of deer hunters sitting on the bare ground and laying against a rotting tree stump when waiting for Mr. Buck’s arrival…

Five More Trip Clicks

Here’s the next little set from last week’s Michigan trip. Why does time have to fly so fast? It’s not a jet airliner traveling 600mph after all. A week ago today, we were heading northeast for Bad Axe, Michigan in that beautiful 1951 Chevrolet. The ceiling photo is an iPhone photo of the terminal at DTW, Detroit Metro Airport.

The car photo shows an Amish horse and buggy, very common in Michigan’s Thumb region. The buck is in the office along with a few other bucks. Yummy eating. And that’s my beautiful face onboard the airliner heading for Las Vegas. And the Michigan road sign? I dunno why I took that photo!

Today’s heat will be 93 beautiful degrees, then cooling to the 80s tomorrow and then into the 70s. Weird weather right now but I guarantee you the 100+ heat is on the way…