Hockey Face

Here’s a goofy photo for ya! During the first season for our Vegas Golden Knights hockey team I snapped this photo reacting to the game. I look as though I was in serious disagreement with a referee call! Sometimes the refs just make totally sucky calls and I never feel bad when they get bowled over by the players haha!! 😂

Get outta the way ref!!

Pro Series Class C Outboard Racing

If you’ve followed me for a while then you know of my love for these outboard racing boats which I grew up around in the 1960’s. Wonderful memories! These iPhone photos were taken at a museum in Georgia, the museum has a very wide array of items to view including these wonderful retired race boats. C Class is a fantastic class to watch on the water!

An Old Photo in A Rough Looking Frame

This photo is not mine, but I am 100% sure it was taken 1978 in Columbiaville, Michigan. In those days the APBA had a sanctioned drag strip course on this part of the Flint River a long way from Flint, Michigan.

The driver was a good friend of my dad in those days. We were also friends with the driver in the boat beyond which was a Blown Fuel boat. Ours was Blown Alcohol engine. Lots of power at 1500+ horsepower! I was still in High School. High Skrewl.

Four Wheelin’

Here’s a set from yesterday with people riding their quads. I grew up with a quad under my bum but no longer ride these days. I really miss it! In the photos you can see the Strip and the landing field for Nellis AFB. These photos are much smaller than I usually upload as I’m having storage issues with WordPress. Each image is 250kb or less, they seem to look fine still. What do you think?

Miss VGK

Miss Vegas Golden Knights is wearing the VGK jersey, I wonder who made it as it’s obviously larger than XXL!! You see a bit of New York New York and the roller coaster behind her.

Police Chase Las Vegas

I have never seen any advertising about this “police chase experience” at all. What happens is you are involved in a faux police chase. You have your choice of cars and which to ride in as well. Learn more about this right here! I have to wonder why this “attraction” exists though, considering what I hear on my police scanner every day. Las Vegas has crime like any other big city but folks I know aren’t doing things that lead to a police chase! Would you pay good money to try this experience? Thanks, I’ll pass!

Las Vegas Speedway

Here are nine photos from yesterday, I was just driving through the area actually but there were what sounded like Stock Cars blasting around one of the tracks nearby me. I’d love hop out for a look but someone may not appreciate that! The Strip in this case refers to the drag strip you see on the big sports channels as well as the circle tracks.

Sport Park

I pass by this park fairly often, never stopped in! I just like the action figures out front. There’s one more out of frame. And yes, this another one of my drive-by photos today! Never try this, children!

A Sunny Kona

Last night I gave the Kona a super cleanup with the same wax I use on my truck, I also used a camel hair paint brush (new of course) to get into the tiny areas the wax and cloth can’t get into. The tires and wheels also had a good cleaning! I use paper towel to clean the heavy gunk off of the chain by cranking the pedals, allowing the chain to make several passes through the towel, but not remove too much lubricant.