Here’s A Random Set…

All the way from 2018 I give you a random collection of photos this afternoon. The little dinosaur was found in the parking area at Calico Basin, someone’s child is crying somewhere! But, it does point out that there are still live dinosaurs in the Mojave Desert. The old aircraft might be a McDonell Douglas aircraft. And the trash at the garbage bin was right in front of my apartment back in 2016, I despised that apartment and still do. Apartment life sucks!

Treasure Island Resort seems OK, I’ve never been inside the place. The Stratosphere Tower was likely photographed heading south on Las Vegas Boulevard, well north of the main venues, you are probably familiar with. Finally, the photo with the building in the foreground is the One Summerlin Building, located in Downtown Summerlin. Many of the big-name resorts are visible in the distance which is much further away than they appear in the photo.

A Big Stretcher And A Few Clouds

Here are some road clicks from this morning for ya. Are those real clouds up there? That limousine was amazing, the photo does not show how long the damn thing actually is. I’ve driven tractor-trailers and other large vehicles in years past, but not something like that limo. You are very limited in where you can go given the turning radius of that car. The building with the sun over it is the One Summerlin building located in Downtown Summerlin. 77 lovely degrees today!

Doing Errands Under The Beautiful Blue Sky

I’ve had several things to take care of today due to being down an entire day yesterday so off I go under another beautiful blue Las Vegas Sky! I just never tire of them. I’ll peel off the large bandage over the incision point this afternoon, I’ve read what to do if something doesn’t look right. The office sends you home with plenty of information and I expect no worries or problems twenty-four hours after it was applied. Fingers crossed! these are 50mm photos.