A Quick Stop at Downtown Summerlin

I stopped by Downtown Summerlin again today looking for job opportunities. The Concierge is looking for new employees so I filled out the forms. It’s so unusual to apply for any job in person these days and frankly, I prefer it this way. Applying for work online removes the one-on-one aspect of course which diminishes the process.

Anyway, while there I had the Nikon and the new, trusty 50mm lens on hand so I snapped about two dozen photos. Here is the first set. It’s currently 93F just now with full sunshine, perfect!

Retail Outlets With A View

They may be just another little strip mall but some of them here have some dandy mountain views with a few palm trees tossed in to enhance the view. Summerlin Parkway is an east/west freeway that’s not too long. At the west end, it stops at the foothills. Heading east, it links up with the ninety-five freeway which goes north/south.

Eight Photos At Downtown Summerlin

These photos seem to have escaped my eyes until last night when I processed them. I was basically playing with the settings of the F stop and shutter speed. I think most of them look pretty darn good. Downtown Summerlin is a wonderful place to walk, shop, and stuff your face with just about anything you could want! Let’s have a walk!

Nikon Z6 with 50mm Nikkor