At Downtown Summerlin Today Three

Here are a few more photos that were taken yesterday, I hope your day will be as sunny as it is here in Las Vegas today! I have no plans for the day except the pot of fresh chili I whipped up at seven AM today, yummy!

Along Summerlin Parkway

In this image, I am heading west on Summerlin Parkway westbound at Rampart Boulevard. I love the palm trees all in a row, it’s classy looking and suggests you are in a more expensive area, which is the truth. Too rich for my bank account! But one can dream, eh?

Road Blocks

The Summerlin Peaks as some here call them are a giant roadblock heading west. The same thing goes in other areas of the Las Vegas Valley. The 215 freeway which runs north/south in this area is not visible in the photo. The current weather is 105F with 21% humidity. Typical here!