Morning Kitchen Photos

Early today the sun shone brightly as always into my kitchen once the Plantation Shutters are flipped open. The lines on the wall from the shutters got me as did my little bucketful of old utensils. Later I headed south… Read More ›

Morning Shadows

Sitting on my couch and being a couch potato this morning the sun made this shadowy view. The Nikon with the zoom on it was at arms length begging for the shot. Those little pieces are treasured family pieces! ❤️

Yesterday’s Sunrise

This photo was taken yesterday on my way to the dealer to find out why my truck is leaking fuel. Turns out, there is a hairline crack in the plastic tubing on top the tank! Folks, I can’t tell ya… Read More ›

Out the Door Early

couple days ago my truck started smelling of gas, this early morning I drove to the dealer where I purchased the truck. The service writer could smell the fuel as I drove into the service drive through! There is no… Read More ›