Early Morning Glow

A very early morning glow it was, too. This time change nonsense and I do not get along very well at first until my bio-clock adjusts to the difference. This photo was taken looking northwest from my bedroom window about four minutes after I crawled out of the sack. If that isn’t an indication of photographic addiction, then what is?

The Morning Sun in My Living Room

Good Sunday morning to you. I sat on the couch watching the tube this morning and noticed the morning sun touching one of my Navajo pottery pieces. Hey, this scene could make a nice photo, the Nikon was at arms-length. Gotcha! Sunshine and 68F is the Las Vegas forecast for today. I think the day is off to a dandy start!

In The Early Morning Light

In the early morning light, I stepped outside to water the Lantanas and the Sago Palms before the heat of the day sets in today. I fed the sagos some Moon Juice fertiliser two days ago and have been adding more water to them lately, I hope they will pull through the extra hot summer we have this year, wow! Today we should see 113 degrees.

Tomorrow and through Wednesday, we will see 113 and 114 degrees according to the National Weather Service. Is it any wonder that my Ash tree gave up and threw in the towel recently? The tree company brought their Stihl chainsaw… Fingers crossed that my old air conditioning system will get through this summer once again, a costly replacement!

Then and Now

These are all iPhone photos, the first two were taken early this beautiful, sunshiny morning. The bottom photos were taken early last year not long after I purchased the home. Wilson’s cage was under construction! Those nasty, messy shedding pieces of crap trees are gone!

An Old Sunrise

These photos are about five years old and taken on the way to work one morning. I quit that job, not because of the job but because of very poor management. I won’t tolerate being talked at, through, or down to by a belligerent employer! This happens too often to people…

The iPhone Weather Forecast

Here it is, your Las Vegas forecast fresh out of my Ten. I’ve had this not free weather application for a good while now and it’s nearly always correct. Stay cool, people…

Triple Digits are on the way…