In The Early Morning Light

In the early morning light, I stepped outside to water the Lantanas and the Sago Palms before the heat of the day sets in today. I fed the sagos some Moon Juice fertiliser two days ago and have been adding more water to them lately, I hope they will pull through the extra hot summer we have this year, wow! Today we should see 113 degrees.

Tomorrow and through Wednesday, we will see 113 and 114 degrees according to the National Weather Service. Is it any wonder that my Ash tree gave up and threw in the towel recently? The tree company brought their Stihl chainsaw… Fingers crossed that my old air conditioning system will get through this summer once again, a costly replacement!

Then and Now

These are all iPhone photos, the first two were taken early this beautiful, sunshiny morning. The bottom photos were taken early last year not long after I purchased the home. Wilson’s cage was under construction! Those nasty, messy shedding pieces of crap trees are gone!

An Old Sunrise

These photos are about five years old and taken on the way to work one morning. I quit that job, not because of the job but because of very poor management. I won’t tolerate being talked at, through, or down to by a belligerent employer! This happens too often to people…

The iPhone Weather Forecast

Here it is, your Las Vegas forecast fresh out of my Ten. I’ve had this not free weather application for a good while now and it’s nearly always correct. Stay cool, people…

Triple Digits are on the way…

Early One Morning…

I stood looking out the kitchen window and saw this view. I photographed it of course. And I wondered how a photo blog is going to survive when the photographer is hunkered down in his house riding out the storm? I hope you will understand that I’ve got to pull images from gigs of older photography I’ve taken, my friends. I believe in playing it safe, taking the safe route. Let’s all be safe, stay home if you can as much as possible. I despise this situation too.

These photos were taken early today…

That Sunny Smile

I sometimes think that Las Vegas Valley should be called Valley of The Sun. With 300+ days per year of flowing Vitamin D pouring down from above, what’s not to love about the valley? Humans really do need that Vitamin D to be healthy!


Morning Kitchen Photos

Early today the sun shone brightly as always into my kitchen once the Plantation Shutters are flipped open. The lines on the wall from the shutters got me as did my little bucketful of old utensils. Later I headed south to my pharmacy for some refills then west into the desert mostly because I wanted to get out of the house! More to come from this beautiful sunny day here in lovely Las Vegas Valley.

Morning Shadows

Sitting on my couch and being a couch potato this morning the sun made this shadowy view. The Nikon with the zoom on it was at arms length begging for the shot. Those little pieces are treasured family pieces! ❤️

Yesterday’s Sunrise

This photo was taken yesterday on my way to the dealer to find out why my truck is leaking fuel. Turns out, there is a hairline crack in the plastic tubing on top the tank! Folks, I can’t tell ya how many times I’ve said ya just can’t use plastic for everything! I suppose this is a double insult in that metal wasn’t used, and plastic was to save weight on the truck. Stupid! Gladly, this repair is still covered by warranty!

Out the Door Early

couple days ago my truck started smelling of gas, this early morning I drove to the dealer where I purchased the truck. The service writer could smell the fuel as I drove into the service drive through! There is no gas dripping underneath, I was also concerned with the gas water heater in the garage too.

Not a good combination! So, now I am stuck at home with no means of transportation except my two feet and a bicycle. I had the Nikon with me, snapped this photo whilst waiting for the dealership to open. I’m up way earlier today than usual!