A Photo Mix

Good morning to you, this is a mix of Nikon and iPhone photos from yesterday. That sunset photo looks like the one from last night but it’s a different photo with different processing. Those tiny taters are so delicious baked, fried, or nuked. They make more sense than buying a huge bag of taters that eventually start sprouting! The palm tree photos are from my backyard late yesterday before the sunset began, both trees have an appointment with the tree service in July. They need to be pruned before they go to seed which isn’t fun to deal with.

Good Night Las Vegas, Good Morning To You

Good morning! This is the best sunset photo I got tonight, last night, there was a stiff breeze but I waited on the corner of the house for the arrangement of the clouds to slowly change. There are several more photos that I will work on tomorrow to see if they are worth processing. It’s 72 degrees and 12% humidity just now. Sooo dry.

A Pseudo Sunset

Last eve’s sunset was nothing spectacular but this is what I captured. The photo of the woman fireman and truck was taken on the side of an elementary school, the artist did a darn good job of honoring our local heroes, heroes that I thank every time I get the chance. The palm tree photo is leftover from the other day. Today’s forecast is for 86 degrees and sunshine, another beautiful day in Las Vegas Valley. These photos were minimally processed.

The Sunset Forecast

It’s slowly getting closer to our scorching summer temperatures, one week at a time. Before we know it, it will be 110 degrees again. Can you handle the heat? Hey, that’s why we have air conditioning. Honestly, I believe that there would be far fewer people here if modern cooling systems weren’t invented.

I wonder what our native American people did to stay cool? Perhaps they moved high into the mountains in summer. In the nearby Spring Mountains, the temperature up there can be in the 70s and 80s while down here in Las Vegas Valley we are sweltering in up to 120F heat!

And this my friends has much to do with my remaining here five years ago after the bid D. Checking the weather on my phone this morning for two locations in Florida, Las Vegas was much warmer in the morning hours than west-central Florida. Oh, we have no hurricanes or tornadoes here in the Mojave Desert.

My Michigan hometown was at a chilly 32F but they’ve had the 50s and 60s recently which means it’s flip-flop season for the Michigan climate. Spray some seafoam treatment into your snowmobile engine’s cylinders, plug the air intake system up good to keep the varmints out, and be sure that the sled is off the ground.

Been there done that! It’s a very different life up there. I want to wish each of you a blessed Easter, He Is Risen!

A Wispy Sunset

Rolling the rubbish cans to the road, as usual, every Monday eve after five PM, I looked west which seems like an automatic thing. I saw this view and dashed into the house to change the lens on the Nikon to the 200mm lens. I snapped just these two photos, gladly, they aren’t fuzzy like a peach.

This time of year, the sun sets below the horizon further to the south, hence, I don’t get any decent sunset photos from the backyard. Out the front, we go and stand on the road keeping ears wide open for the approaching speeders in the neighborhood.