All those TV commercials tell me that America has a legalised major drug dealer – Big Pharma… And I’m one of their loyal customers. High blood Pressure and Type Two Diabetes are the main reasons I must swallow so many… Read More ›

Fine China

This is a piece of china I brought back from Michigan earlier this year, photographed with the Tamron 60mm on my old Nikon D3300 body.

Watermelon at 60mm

I was chowing down one of my all time favourite foods this morning and wondered what it would look like up super close. I screwed the Tamron 60mm lens on and shot these images on the kitchen table where the… Read More ›

RF Connectivity

These images are of two sets of RF connectors used for temporary situations where you may need to connect different types of coaxial connectors together and for testing purposes. I have these because I’ve been a licensed Amateur Radio licensee… Read More ›

Tiny Little Bugs

After snapping those bug photos earlier I snapped these flower photos, note those teeny tiny little bugs enjoying their teeny tiny little day and life. What do bugs think about? Do bugs even have a brain? Sadly, I must say… Read More ›