Watermelon at 60mm

I was chowing down one of my all time favourite foods this morning and wondered what it would look like up super close. I screwed the Tamron 60mm lens on and shot these images on the kitchen table where the… Read More ›

RF Connectivity

These images are of two sets of RF connectors used for temporary situations where you may need to connect different types of coaxial connectors together and for testing purposes. I have these because I’ve been a licensed Amateur Radio licensee… Read More ›

Tiny Little Bugs

After snapping those bug photos earlier I snapped these flower photos, note those teeny tiny little bugs enjoying their teeny tiny little day and life. What do bugs think about? Do bugs even have a brain? Sadly, I must say… Read More ›


Continuing from the previous post, a few flowers are declining in this last pot as they always do, I used the Tamron 60mm lens. Even in this state they still look interesting don’t they?

The Spigot Lock

Well, the damn thing finally showed up in my mailbox, took too long! As far as I know, nobody is stealing water from the spigot near the front of my home but since I’ve already had a serious security system… Read More ›

Moon Flower

Processing this image had me thinking it reminds me of photos of the moon surface where an object struck the surface at a very high velocity which created the impact crater. It’s actually a metallic flower up close with the… Read More ›

Fish Oil and Blood Pressure

We all know what fish oil looks like but that little pill is one of several BP medications and others I swallow each day. This was clicked with the Tamron 60mm Macro lens. Drugs…


This is a goofy photo I snapped a few days ago as the sunshine struck the tissue on my end table. Macro Photo Weirdness!