Happy and Sunny Memorial Day from Las Vegas!

I wish all of my American friends a happy and safe Memorial Day this coming Monday. Today, I drove east to the north end of the Las Vegas Strip to get some photos of the Stratosphere Tower and the area around it. Both the 28-60 and the 211mm lenses were used today, I have many more photos from today lined up. Today has been very beautiful with 90 degrees, a nice breeze, and 100% vitamin D falling from the sky!

Water Pics

I thought the title to be appropriate since there is water in each photo, but these photos really challenge the capabilities of the iPhone 12 or any other iPhone in my opinion. I think I had to over-sharpen them to get somewhat close to the sharpness I am looking for.

The result is the way these photos look, I really need to start taking the new Sony A7C on these rides with the 28-60mm lens. The camera has to be wrapped in a towel to protect it from the many bumps and occasional slams the bike takes on my rides.

Sunshine and 90 degrees are on deck for the valley today, I’m not riding today since I got a bit cooked yesterday. My farmer’s tan is looking fantastic though, haha!

A Quick Desert Hike

Wow, man, it was really hot while shooting these photos this morning! Imagine doing this when it’s 112 degrees instead of 92! This is the first time I’ve taken the new Sony A7C body and the 28-60mm lens in the field. What do you think, did the new system do a good job?

If I were using the Nikon Z50, I’d probably have the zoom lens on but this camera works very well with a smaller lens for my type of photography. I saw two wild donkeys in that area but in this case, that 28-60mm lens was incapable of capturing them at that distance and the zoom lens was at home. Oh well!

On a different note, it seems rather odd to me to be uploading (posting) only twice per day, I am very accustomed to publishing much more content per day, so I need to post more photos per post, right? πŸ€ͺ

Photographing Chance

Chance is the name given to our Vegas Golden Knight’s mascot. I was getting some large envelopes at a local postage place and stopped to grab these iPhone 12 photos of this blowup version of him. Go Knights Go! Do you love hockey like I do? Any other sport sucks except for boat and snowmobile racing. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ»

On another note, have a good look at the clarity and colors in these photos. Sometimes I wonder why I buy actual camera equipment when I see photos like this. Should I have recently purchased the new Sony A7C camera? It’s an expensive camera! My iPhone 12 is paid for and is always handy wherever I go.

One big drawback though is that trying to capture a subject that is very distant makes the photos pixelate so badly that the photo becomes junk. What do you think about using an iPhone as your primary camera? I am aware that many people do which is what has led to the end of small, pocket-sized cameras.

Before The Rains Missed Me Yesterday…

Sorry, these photos are all I have this morning but gosh darn I really wanted the rain to pour on my house yesterday. It washes the roof off and all the dust and stuff from the property. Of course, it helps Lake Mead too! There is a 20% chance for rain today with a high of 91 degrees, just a bit too hot for me to ride the bike.

Shots From Around Town

Today I took several photos with the new camera but these three survived the chopping block. I was going to go on a bike ride today, but suddenly I had the feeling that I had better not take that ride. It’s very much a gut feeling, has this happened to you too?

You are suddenly overcome by a feeling that something terrible will happen if you proceed to do that thing. This has happened to me many times in my 62 years on this planet and I have apparently always heeded the warnings.

Instead, I took a ride in the truck for new photos and got a call from my sister, we discussed my flying into Detroit at the end of June, and the first of July to stay with her instead of with my dad in the little guest house in my hometown.

Sounds great because her home is the same home I lived in when in high school. So many wonderful memories there!

Biking Views!

You can see much beauty while biking in Las Vegas, and also some bad stuff like beds that the homeless use and leave for the day. Let’s focus on the positive here. I watched a portion of the Coronation of King Charles this morning, I love the United Kingdom! This leads me to wonder why the United States isn’t a part of the British Commonwealth? We should be but I do love my country! β€οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Fun on One?

Have you ever tried riding one of these things? I haven’t and never will because I have read some horror stories about people being severely injured. I also read an article about how some governing bodies want these things made illegal. Yet, the company that builds them is going full steam ahead the last I checked. Our high-temperature today will be 94 degrees, it seems that the 100s aren’t too far in the future.

Visit the One Wheel website.

Happy Daze

Since legalisation in Nevada, the number of dispensaries has skyrocketed as one would expect. Keep an eye out for them and you will see many, some of which must be kind of like the Mom and Pop businesses that have made America great. Whether you agree with the product these companies sell or not, they are here to stay. I was at a traffic light when I photographed the shop. The stoners around here must be happy that they have Del Taco munchie food nearby! πŸ˜‚