Filthy Tables and Stripper Lessons

Yuck. I wish I’d have seen the filth on that table before I ordered yesterday! Taco Hell, I mean Taco Bell dropped the ball! Strippers don’t get me excited. The last time I was in such a place was back in the 1980s when some friends and I took our buddy across the border to Windsor, Ontario where we could drink legally as the age was 18 at the time.

I felt very uncomfortable in that joint but meanwhile, my friend’s eyeballs were popping out as the gal gave him the lap dance and whatever else she did. No thanks, that’s so cheesy! Here I am decades beyond those days and strippers are still cheesy to me! So demeaning and derogatory to women and that makes me mad. Thanks for listening…

Hungry Quacks!

On the way home I stopped by the lake to photograph these very hungry birds from the cab of my truck. People are feeding them which is forbidden according to the sign a few feet away. I bet they are tossing bread out for them too which has zero nutritional value for the birds, perhaps not even for people too.

Not a great photo as I couldn’t focus the 50mm lens properly. The clouds have again blocked my wonderful sunshine and I am wondering when the frequent windstorms will return to the valley since the summer has gone. Those fifty-plus mile-per-hour winds can be exciting as my house creeks in the powerful winds!

The Author

Here is a very rare photo of the guy behind the camera, and who runs this website. I am sixty years young but still feel twenty years young in my head, it’s so unfair! But, what in this life is truly fair anyway? I’m a native Michigander who grew up in the Snowbelt riding snowmobiles and riding dirt bikes in the muggy summer months.

I grew up in the auto industry(I won’t mention anything specific) and very much enjoyed those years. Later, I changed jobs in a big way and worked in the lawn and maintenance business owning my own company briefly. I moved on to working on a private estate doing this kind of work for twenty years which was a great ride.

In 2013, I moved to Las Vegas with who is now my ex-wife and decided to stay here in Las Vegas because of my love for the year-round climate, palm trees, and the beautiful mountains, and the Mojave Desert. Now, after almost nine years here, I never tire of the Mojave Desert beauty here but I do miss riding my snowmobile!

The End Of The Road

Where the wonderful Bonnie Springs Ranch once stood at the end of Bonnie Springs Road, this is the view that greets you today. The attractions, restaurant, and more were located directly ahead. Now it’s dead. The sign that I blurred has contact numbers that nobody needs to have. The other photos were taken between the fence and Charleston Boulevard to the east of my location. I just love these beautiful Joshua trees!