CB Radio

In 1981 I began my fascination with radio, most any kind of radio. I have been a licensed Ham Radio guy since the early 1990’s I think, but began the hobby on the 11 metre band, commonly called Citizens Band… Read More ›

Mojave Desert

My Mojave Desert life. At times I have wondered if I made the right choice to stay here in Las Vegas but then something will come along during the day that is an affirmation that I am where I should… Read More ›

New Fridgy, Dead Cooling Fan

Perhaps it’s not technically called a cooling fan inside a fridgie but that is exactly what has crapped out inside my brand new, five month old Frigidaire machine. Seriously? And the tech didn’t have the proper fan on hand either…. Read More ›

Bonnie Springs is Dead

Bonnie Springs was recently sold to the damned developers. Apparently Bonnie Springs was not doing well financially which I don’t find surprising when you have a good look at the place. It just grind my gears that homes will be… Read More ›

A Terrible Choice

Considering the unfortunate things that have happened within our US Post service, this is a horrid business name. Shame on this company which apparently lacks respect and compassion for the victims of madmen.


YES! NO!  If you are like me, you’ve had enough of the insulting TV and other ads. Thank you.

Putting The Pieces Together

Home construction is moving at a fast pace in Las Vegas Valley yet I always wonder how these homes are paid for. Many jobs here are in the service industry in many forms. Are there enough jobs?

Tower Marks the Spot

From my perspective, the Stratosphere Tower marks the very north end of the Las Vegas Strip. This photo was snapped a couple days ago I think from near the southern base or end of Lone Mountain using the Nikon and… Read More ›


If at first you don’t succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried. * A conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking. * Experience is something you don’t get until just after you need it. * For every… Read More ›

My Kitchen Cabinet Rebuild

Yesterday my kitchen cabinet rebuild tech John showed up promptly at eight AM as promised by his boss Paul, also the company owner. He got right to work almost immediately by digging into those 1996 original cabinets. They seriously needed… Read More ›