Our blue marble floating through space at 17,000 miles per hour has an ever changing, ever moving skin. Different in any direction at any time. Our Earth is a very dynamic world.

The Steel Butterfly

The Steel Butterfly has been on my folk’s lawn for many years. It’s been repainted as needed. Wonderful family memories from the 1990’s!

The Red Bull Car

Here’s a very nice tax write-off for this company! The car must get reduced millage. Why people drink this crap is beyond me – it’s just no good for your body!

Antenna Farm

This is not my photo, I’ve zero copyright. That said, this antenna farm is atop Frenchman Mountain on the east side of Las Vegas Valley. Such a beautiful view from around 4000 feet aye? The Stratosphere Tower looks so tiny…. Read More ›

The Tourist Trap

Driving the desert floor looking southeast toward the world’s largest tourist trap! The Strip isn’t too visible here.

Making Utilities Attractive

Around Las Vegas you will occasionally come across utility enclosures that someone has made much more attractive such as this one. Usually the art looks wonderful like this one. I don’t know what the flower is but it looks tropical…. Read More ›

The Devil in The Desert

This is the first Dust Devil I’ve seen in the city. Travel to the open desert, they are common this time of year but not usually in the city! Dust Devils can pick up small items such as lawn furniture… Read More ›

The Bugmobile

My sister owned a blue bug like this in the mid 1970’s, we had fun riding around town in it, that air-cooled engine and manual transmission remembered. These tough old bugs will outlive all of us!