I Tried To Visit the Neon Museum…

But the damn place doesn’t open until three PM which is ridiculous. I visited the museum about two years ago when the hours were normal so I made the assumption that it would be open when I got there before noon. So ridiculous. I don’t go anywhere at night as a rule but some night photos would be very nice. I can’t use my Nikon for the photos because a few years ago, some European tourists took some photos, took them back to their country, and published them in a large magazine or something like that. Hence, I and everyone else must pay for the sins of these Europeans. So nice, isn’t it? So, I grabbed some photos along the way through downtown Las Vegas, passing the very nice Fremont Street along the way. Thanks for nothing, Neon Museum!

Throwback To Black Coffee

I miss drinking coffee. High blood pressure prevents me from enjoying the buzz and aroma in the house which totally sucks! I’ve read many articles on this subject, it seems that there is no solid evidence one way or the other on this subject but I know 100% for sure that coffee does raise my blood pressure because I have a BP machine in the kitchen always ready to go. It’s a serious daily battle that I must win each day or in time, I’ll be six feet under before my time. Everyone’s system is different and there are so many different compounds in coffee that one diagnosis could never fit everyone. Would you like to purchase my mini Mr. Coffee?

Antique Lighting

My home is now 25 years old and a solid desert home it is! This light hangs over my dining room table and is the original lamp as is the light over the front door inside.

I’ve thought about replacing them but obviously haven’t as there are other things I would love to do here like replace the old floor tiling which I don’t think was done by a professional.

New windows would be great too as these old ones don’t seal as well as they should. They say a boat is a hole in the water into which one pours money. I think the same thing applies to your home!

And I own this place outright… Silly photos ↓

Firefighter Training

On today’s ride, I passed some of Las Vegas’s finest doing some training. They had a rope slung around the very top of a Mexican Fan Palm so I guess they were learning how to climb palm trees in a rush? I said a quiet thank you to one of the men. Isn’t the graffiti ugly?

It’s painted on a wall that hides a large apartment complex and you can see areas all along this wall where the graffiti has been painted over. Paint wars in Las Vegas I guess. This tunnel is not the tunnel that has all of the rubbish and dirty blankets and such where homeless folks are sleeping.

I have taken the advice of some of you here and stopped riding that way which is really no big deal. There are better places to ride anyway.

The mountain’s photo is of the west side of Las Vegas Valley, part of which is an ancient fault line. I mentioned yesterday about the lower tire pressure causing more drain on the battery, today I used a little more leg power which seemed to even the balance of leg power and battery usage after a solid fifteen-mile ride.

Vivid Colours

Here are some silly photos I took late last night around the house using the Nikon’s Effects settings. I think there are six different effects but this one creates the most colourful of them. There are more of these but I may not bother uploading them. It’s a decent day today, at least the sun has made several appearances and the wind has come up sharply this morning. Is the next windstorm on the way? No bike ride today, I feel lazy!

Russian Vodka

As you can see in the somewhat redundant photos, I had a great 14-mile ride today in just a T-shirt. No jacket or sweater, nice! The bike ran perfectly as usual and will get its every third ride cleanup tonight when it’s done recharging. Now, about that Russian vodka: I was on the way home and came upon two older, very chubby men that were loud and boisterous.

The biggest guy was on the left and was waving his arms everywhere as he kept yapping about Russian vodka. OK, go find some, big boy! I think the man was actually Russian though based on his very sharp accent, English is not his first language. I rang the little bell as I approached the men, a courtesy I like to follow while riding so as to not scare the shit out of people as I pass.

I passed the drunken Russian to his left, and he damn near bumped into me as he waddled and wabbled along. Now here’s the pisser – He shouted at me that I am lazy because I ride an electric bike! Seriously, round boy? I thought to myself, who’s riding the bike and getting exercise and not drunk on anything?

I can understand why some folks will assume that riders of eBikes are lazy but frankly, I don’t believe that. These bikes are way way more fun to ride than a standard bicycle. I am not lazy and actually do need the assistance because of medical conditions. Something that rude people such as round boy here are incapable of understanding, especially when all sauced up on alcohol.

I’m the kind of person who very much dislikes loud, boisterous people. More so when a drunken asswipe. So, what was my response after passing them and hearing this crap being shouted at me? The middle finger on my left hand rose skyward which prompted one or both of these guys to shout even more. Stupidity begets stupidity, boys… No, I shouldn’t have flipped them off but it was so offensive!

It Seems So Long Ago…

That I used to drive these two-lane roads into town, always vigilant for the deer jumping in front of you day and night and then the smash. Here, it’s the thousands of human deer jumping in front of you. And back home, Dark country lanes, lined with thousands of rows of field corn, all of which a deer may lay in wait for your two-ton bullet to pass by… I’m not being dark, rather, realistic. It just is what it is. Yah, I hit a Doe in 1996…

An old photo from December 2019 near where my Michigan home was…

Another Neighborhood Stray

As chance would have it, just after waking up and making the bed (a sign of a sick mind), I opened my plantation shutter to the backyard and saw this new stray walking along the fence. The usual stray cat I see around here is a ginger and white cat, I don’t know where either of these cats actually lives but I hope that they catch and kill any Rodentia in the area. And maybe some scorpions too!

Today will see 72F in the valley, the last warmer day for a few days before rising to a forecasted 76F next week. I have seen this pattern every year and I love how the temperature begins to get into the seventies in the winter months! It’s currently 27F in my Michigan hometown this morning with a high of 43F today, that’s a heatwave compared to what they’ve had up there in recent days with highs in the teens. Happy Sunday!