A Steamy Breakfast

So delicious! But what is this? It’s a southern style meal wrapped in chicken with a yummy sauce and veggies inside, topped off with the fresh chili I made just yesterday afternoon. My chili reached two hundred twenty seven degrees… Read More ›

Antique and Aged

For this set I’ve enhanced the original image then made a black and white version (bottom) and then finally a very aged look. What say you?!

Once A Country Boy…

Mutated into a city boy six years ago that today cruises these city streets looking for trouble! Just kidding, but I do miss the wood… The smells and sounds. But never the cold weather and yard work!

Speed Limit: Haul Ass!

Another nice thing about driving outside of Las Vegas and all of it’s traffic snarls and red light runners is the high speed limits out here. I’ve seen a 75mph sign somewhere too. There are very few police units out… Read More ›

A Black Bear Brunch

This morning when taking my morning round of meds I noticed that one of my regulars was completely missing. I searched the house and found nothing. Seeing an opportunity for a ride I headed south for my pharmacy and got… Read More ›