Snow On The Mountain

This is the first snow that has fell in Las Vegas Valley in ten years, so sorry I was here to witness it. It’s beautiful if it stays high in the mountains where it freaking belongs. Life in the High… Read More ›

Some DJI Drone Photos

Since I’m staying home all day today, I don’t have any new photos from around the city or desert for you, so here we go with using my older photos. It was fun flying this drone but as I’ve mentioned… Read More ›

This Is My Life Today

After many years of failed marriages, years of losing money and being frequently angry and feeling trapped, this is my life today. Running smoothly down the road, in the clear with zero restrictions. If I’m honest with myself, I was… Read More ›

The Last of The Snow Photos

I hope. Oh snow, go away-ooooo! Happy Wednesday folks. I had a short doctor appointment early today with my cardiologist. Just some routine testing to be sure the ol’ ticker is still ticking! I’ve got a gooey ECG lined up… Read More ›

Which Is It?

Americans tend to spell certain words the same as the British do even though it was changed by some dipshit many years ago. There never was one good freaking reason to drop the letter U or anything else in our… Read More ›

Moist -n- Spicy

Maybe a bit juicy! Too juicy? Sometimes my chili is a bit too wet so out comes the trusty coffee cup to drain the excess. Sometimes I put it in a bowl to use later on other foods. I don’t… Read More ›

Snow Blind

Today began with bright, glorious sunshine. Then this shit rolled over the western mountains. I hate snow.


And this little truth my friends, is what is ripping America to shreds. There are NO entitlements. You are guaranteed nothing. You are owed nothing. Get a job, go earn it.

Baby Keurig Is Here!

I purchased this little cutie so that I won’t have to pull it out from under the cabinet each time when I lift the lid to pop the K Cup in. Does it work? Yes, however all I’ve done with… Read More ›