Recent Eats and Fun With Photography

I am not a fan of this time change nonsense even though time itself hasn’t been altered. We lose an hour of wonderful sleep, humans seem to love those hours when we are disconnected from the world, very deeply. Yesterday I got to work messing up one photo with lots of overprocessing, I hope you like it, haha.

I tried a slightly different set of ingredients in my next batch of chili and wow, it’s really good! Sunshine and 62 is forecast for the valley today and  77 degrees this Thursday which sounds great!

An Impromptu Visit, Three

Here is the next set of photos from yesterday, I hope you like them. I wish each of you a wonderful new week, full of positivity and good health. This virus situation is slowly being contained and I believe that this year will see this terrible situation come to a swift end.

Today brings sunshine and 64 degrees with a wind advisory until noon today, it could be much worse! We could have 25 inches of snow and ten below. Wow, the wind is really ripping out there!

An Impromptu Visit

This morning I headed south to pick up some needed medications, as I passed Alta Drive I saw the Queens Ridge towers to my west. Tivoli Village Is just before the towers, I thought why not stop by Tivoli Village again? I am really glad that I did stop in because the sky is so beautiful today, and flooded with the beautiful natural light that I love to shoot photos in. I also had a few really nice chats with store owners and other patrons too, so many nice people!

When I get to shooting photos at certain venues, I just get snap happy and end up with something like 1.5Gig of photos on the SD card. Nope, not this time, I cut myself off at just thirty-eight photos! This means less processing time for me, and much less boredom for you my wonderful follower having to deal with my photographic obsession. Hey, I’m just kidding you, thanks for viewing! This set has processed really beautifully so far.

These photos are actually sharper than what you see, thanks to WordPress…

Kyle Canyon Road and Tivoli Village Lighting

After heading west from the ninety-five freeway on Kyle Canyon Road, you’ll see your distant destination high above you about nineteen miles away. Some of the street lights in Tivoli Village are really beautiful and artistic, they look like street lighting in European cities of course. That light is so tall that you can walk right up to and under it for a nice sky behind the lamp.

End of The Tivoli Series

I’m sure you’ve had enough of my Tivoli Village photos for a while, I know I have too! Let’s move on to something different, and thanks for putting up with my love for Tivoli Village. I have two ideas for the next set of photos. I also want to thank you for continuing to visit my meager blog. There aren’t many followers, those that still do never come around. It just is what it is…

Setting Up The Camera

A local TV station was setting up for an interview with one of the vendors at the Farmers Market this day. I purchased a quart of strawberries and I gotta say these berries were so incredibly sweet! I mean, melt in your mouth sweet! I didn’t take a photo of them, bummer. The ice cream cone and fancy coffee images are again murals that I’ve cropped heavily. The restaurant is always busy during Covid where people aren’t wearing masks when they could be. I give that place a wide birth…

Plenty of Processing

Last night I went to work processing the last photos from another (too soon) visit to Tivoli Village. I wasn’t into driving out of town that day for some landscapes. The fruity photo is a mural that I cropped everything out of sans the fruit.

The sailing ship is an inlay on a wall along the sidewalk, again all of the data is cropped out sans the subject. The others are more of our blue sky (yay!) and some architecture with large palm trees.

Today’s Vegas weather is sunshine and fifty-seven degrees. Later this week, the valley will see temperatures in the low seventies. This is a bit above normal for Las Vegas but hey, I’ll take it! Click a photo, they get bigger…

Shot Through The Glass

This very large vase is behind glass inside a store. I backed up a bit for the shot using the 200mm lens and flipping the camera’s view screen out so I could see the subject. Another One-Shot Wonder as I think of them. Aurora HDR really pulled the many vibrant colors out of the photo. My photography and this blog have helped me through this terrible virus situation so much!