Bruce Is Gone…

Here are some photos from my bike ride today. I did the full 15 miles including a pass-through of Tivoli Village. That place is always super busy and the food smells so good as I slowly ride along. The first photo, or top-left, is where the homeless man named Bruce was sleeping for several weeks. Yesterday, I took another bag of goodies to him via the truck and found that he had left this place. I sincerely hope that he has a proper place to sleep now, a home with someone, and good food. Everyone deserves this. It was nice to meet you, Bruce. 🙏🏻

Image Enhancements

Or, I think they are enhancements! The Joshua tree photo has been lightened up in the green range, the blue range is a bit lighter. For the Tivoli Village Fountain photo, I added a blue mask or tone then enhanced the colors a bit too, nice. The grayscale image was a color sunset photo that I wasn’t really happy with so I dropped it into the Nik software and really messed it up! I hope that you have had a great weekend, my friends!

Old Tivoli Photos

I took the Tivoli Village photos a few days ago, they have been in my Process folder since, and during processing, I thought that these two photos are exceptionally good for a mobile phone. The sharpness and vibrancy of the colors seem a little better than usual. What do you think?

I hope that the images don’t degrade after being uploaded, maybe WP does a little image compression of its own? The other photo was taken with the Nikon yesterday I think. I read a blog post earlier today that was about the many online friends that she has made over the years using WordPress.

My comment spoke about the many friends I have made on WordPress over the years.

Some of which I have followed literally for years and some in different countries like the United Kingdom and Australia as well as Canada. My first blog was launched in 2010 back in Michigan and was about Michigan politics which I shut down pretty quickly. The next blog was self-hosted which is nice.

Long story short, LVPB went live in 2016 and has added so many new friends to my life and blogging experience. Here’s the question she asked: are your online friends actually friends? I have considered my blog friends as actual friends for a long time now and always will. Thanks so much for being my friends, people!

I appreciate you so much. 😎

That Fountain, Again

Again I apologise for the redundant photos around Tivoli Village but it has become a part of my bike rides, a course you can say that I follow. On the bike, you can get right up to the edge while the cars go around the roundabout. The horses that become fish too need a good cleaning, they seem to have dirt on their backs! Sunny, 73 degrees, and very windy are the forecast for today, maybe too windy to ride today.

Biking Under The Blue Sky

I think that 68 degrees and a beautiful blue sky call for a bike ride after several days off because of the constant windstorms and cold temps. Fifteen miles later I’m back home now with the lunch I picked up along the way from an Argentinan food truck and some banana bread and granola bars at a different tent display.

Delicious, and it all fit nicely in the bike’s bag too. I was there last Wednesday, the guy in the food truck recognised me and called me over. I was looking for the truck too. Delicious! Tomorrow is supposed to be several degrees cooler so I may not get a ride in which sucks.

I’ve been feeling bored the last few days because of not getting those rides in. Again, I must apologise for the redundant photos of Tivoli Village, the distance between the village and my home multiplied by two makes a great ride for me but I need to find new places to ride too…

The first photo is out of focus since the iPhone ran out of focal length. The chair, potted plant, and other stuff inside a rock circle are at the bottom of the Angel Park Detention Basin. What the heck? Why do this, and who did it? A crack-smoking nut job! Welcome to the other Las Vegas that you tourists never see!

Beautiful Las Vegas

Yes, it’s another photo of the beautiful fountain at Tivoli Village. A beautiful photo under an almost always blue sky, I chose well in staying in Las Vegas. I’m feeling very frustrated this eve because of the constant battle with my blood pressure. I’ve been battling this BS since 2016 and once in a while I just get angry, sometimes it seems like this body is trying to kill me! Almost any food can raise my blood pressure and I’m sick of taking my blood pressure several times per day and heading for the little pharmacy in my bathroom cabinet. If you aren’t dealing with this BS every day, consider yourself blessed! Now, let’s go check that blood pressure again…

A Beautiful Tivoli Street

Guess what? It’s another view of Tivoli! Are you tired of them yet? It’s a darn good thing I decided to not get the bike on the road today because when I was spending plenty of money in the grocery store, my phone received an alert for the next windstorm. It’s just for today though, so the weather service says, with gusts to 50 miles per hour. Just another storm under a beautiful blue sky! Please pardon me, it’s time to make a fresh pot of chili!

A Crafts Show At Tivoli Village

At the high risk of being redundant again, here are a couple of clicks from the iPhone showing how busy the village was today with a huge craft show in progress. It’s really easy to get there from my place following a route that is all paved too. It’s become mostly overcast this afternoon which prompted me to head home and racking up another thirteen miles on the bike bringing the total miles to 645. Not bad for an electric bike, eh!