Running Errands

I’ve been out and about taking care of business today and grabbed some random photos along the way. It’s been wonderful today except for one thing, the old fart that damn near clobbered my truck! I was in the right lane waiting for the light to change.

The light went green, I took off and immediately put my right turn signal on for a turn into the pharmacy parking lot. A car suddenly moved into my lane but the driver was NOT ahead of me! I slammed the brakes on and steered right hoping to allow the car to move into the lane. A crash was avoided.

The driver happened to be going where I was. I parked a few spots down and hopped out. The driver was a very elderly man. I shouted at him telling him that he nearly hit me. His reply? I didn’t know that. I shouted at the old codger and suggested that he go to the DMV and surrender his license.

In my view, he’s just too old to be driving, more so in the heavy traffic in this city. I do hope this man stops driving very soon. No, I don’t feel bad about shouting at him. He’s no better than a drunk driver.

Wires and Poles Everywhere!

Las Vegas is so wired up, so full of freaking poles and wires that all contribute to messing up one’s photography! I thought about stopping by Tivoli Village on the way home from an interview but didn’t stop in. It’s 110 degrees again today so I’ll wait for the nineties to return which is a much more comfortable temperature.