Friends Chatting

This photo is now five years old, taken on an antique car tour with my father which was a wonderful, memorable trip! One of the three men chatting is my father. ❤️😎

Not Driving Fifty Five

Do you remember Sammy Hagar’s 1984 release of this song? I remember it clearly. I used the number as my CB radio handle for a while back in my CB Radio days. Those were wonderful years, can we go back… Read More ›

Riding The Ninety Five

Here are some 35mm photos from late morning today heading for a different doctor office. I have decided to kick the other doctor to the curb and go elsewhere regardless of this likely setting things back a little bit, it’s… Read More ›

Cathedral Rock

This beautiful mountain is at the end of your drive up to Mount Charleston Lodge, easily seen from the lodge. There are several hiking trails around this area and boy do I wish I could hike them! I can only… Read More ›