Some iPhone photos from my travels… It’s kinda tough to set still for long stretches.

The City Below

Dropping down from the Mountain Springs Pass, you can see Las Vegas far below and that giant Stratosphere Tower from many miles west. I was coming back home from a ride to Pahrump.

A Stratospheric View

You are looking west with the Red Rock Escarpment seen many miles beyond the Stratosphere Tower. The road is Lake Mead Boulevard which starts on the west side of Las Vegas Valley and runs east all the way into the… Read More ›

The Chocolate Slide

This gorgeous view is within the Lake Mead National Recreation Area which is a great drive along and near to the shore of beautiful Lake Mead. It looks kind of edible doesn’t it? 😎😂

The A 19

That’s what I call Alternate 19 that is west of U.S. 19 and close to the Gulf of Mexico passing through lots of small towns along the way. Lots of memories around here from the 1990’s and beyond. Nikon and… Read More ›

Outboard Thrust

Yours truly grew up around outboard racing engines and boat racing as well as boating on the big lake sister and I grew up on during the 1960’s and 1970’s hence my continued love for boats and boat racing. This… Read More ›

Blending In

Taken recently in Tarpon Springs, Florida this little fella seems to be in deep contemplation about his next move, his future. Fly away little bird, fly away!  😂

Temporary Housing

This was one of two rentals on my recent voyage from Michigan to Florida. For about $125 bucks you can rent this room, not much to see really but the room was super clean, had great cable TV and the… Read More ›

Traffic Jam Hell

On the way to Florida last week, I got snarled in likely the longest damn traffic jam I’ve ever been in. About 2.5 wasted hours on the Interstate 75 southbound around Cinci Ohio continuing into Kentucky on the other side… Read More ›