Touchdown At Las Vegas

Here are two videos I recorded with the iPhone last night, one while still in-flight within the aircraft cabin and the other video is two minutes long showing the approach to LAS, or Las Vegas. The video is two minutes long, feel free to skip to the end if you don’t want to view the entire video. It’s amazing that the turbulence was incredibly strong at all three airports on this trip when taking off and landing. What’s up with that?

In-Flight Photography

The iPhone took these photos as the Nikon was stuffed in the suitcase in the overhead bin. Not super good photos but you do get a lovely view of one of our beautiful Great Lakes! It’s always nice to see these big beautiful freshwater lakes again, if not the largest on Earth they are very massive and beautiful.

I totally enjoy flying and have no fear of it. These aircraft are constructed to take the punishment of powerful turbulence and very hard landings, both of which were experienced traveling to and from Michigan this time.

What It Looks Like

In case you’ve wondered what Las Vegas looks like heading north on the 15 freeway, here you go. Be super careful driving anywhere in Vegas, the 15 freeway has plenty of accidents which sucks. I jumped off the 15 and picked up the 215 westbound which becomes the 215 northbound after a few miles. If you want to head up to Utah and further north, just stay on the 15. Honestly, I despise driving here with all of the dipshits who should surrender their driver’s license at the DMV and take the bus. Just being honest! My driving record is clean…

Mixed Recent Photos

Here are some photos from bike rides, at the wildlife refuge, and driving around town. The flag photo is probably the best one I’ve captured lately. I used a different grayscale filter for the bike photo. The cabin was built in the late 1800s and has no original furniture inside, the cabin was locked.

The little dam is on a man-made pond, part of the water system that comes from a natural spring in the area. There were some ducks enjoying this very fresh water. The snow-capped mountain is called Mummy Mountain, if you look at it long enough you’ll see the resemblance to a body shape.

The traffic light photo was taken atop the bridge passing over the 95 freeway and with a bit of zoom, hence it looks higher than I actually was. I am your tour guide this morning! Las Vegas will reach 79 degrees today and tomorrow according to the most recent forecast, a forecast that I can live with!

Biker Bar

This photo is from 2018 on one of my joyrides, I may have been heading to Pahrump. Getting to the Mountain Springs Saloon is easy by taking Blue Diamond Road west out of Las Vegas and heading up the 5000-foot pass which is where this hole-in-the-wall bar is located. I went inside just once to use the men’s room and was not impressed.

The place is really small, and the bathroom was nasty, complete with naked women photos on the walls along with phone numbers and yucky-ness. Sorry, whoever you are that owns this place, but you really need to clean it up! Not all biker bars are shitholes… Sunshine and 59F are on tap for today which is right around a normal temperature for January.

I’m taking a day or two off from bike riding as my backside is a bit sore from too much time in the saddle!

Lake Mead From Above

Here are some iPhone photos that were taken from an airliner heading to or from Michigan. You can easily see the white bathtub ring along the shoreline indicating just how terribly low Lake Mead is getting. One photo was taken while driving Lake Mead Boulevard, I love flying and wish I had reason to get aloft more often! On a side note and if you are interested, my new Pedego bicycle is now fully insured for theft or other loss. I won’t say what the bike’s actual cost is, but it is sufficient to warrant the bike being fully insured as though it were a car or truck. Protect what is yours, always!

Mountains and Flowers

What a beautiful day it is today, sunshine and blue sky! Those of you who are regular visitors already know that I went grocery shopping today, old Johnnie’s cupboards were getting bare again. It’s interesting what a 3.5-hour airplane ride can do, yesterday I was shivering in a thick hunting coat, today I’m riding around town with the window down and wearing just a T-shirt and short pants! I love my home state but not its bitter winters…

Cabin View

Just a quick shot of the cabin while in-flight yesterday, both flights were very good. I like Delta Airlines, great staff on every flight! The other photos were taken today while out and about getting my banking in order. All of these photos are from the iPhone twelve which makes me now wonder why I have the Nikon, the phone does a fabulous job taking photos, and it’s so convenient to just upload the photos to my Cloud Storage too. Maybe I should ditch the Nikon, eh?

Piston Time

I tried to get that very cool piston clock home with me, but my dad wouldn’t let me have it. Bummer! The other photos were taken in the main lobby of the Westin Hotel that I stayed at for one night before flying home yesterday.

The restaurant you see has very good food, I had a spicy chicken sandwich and fries for lunch, then a delicious omelet, hash browns, and rye toast for a very early breakfast before catching my flight home. The main lobby connects directly to the Delta terminal so it was simple to get to my gate for departure at 8:55AM Detroit time.

I really like the huge piece of art hanging over the main lobby, it’s super big and very pretty in person.

I was the only person passing through the TSA area so that too was a breeze which is nice when you’re having to take your CPAP machine out, take off your belt and shoes and basically bare your soul to strangers in the name of being safe while eight miles above the surface of Planet Earth.

I Wish This Button Existed…

A couple of years ago, I was on the way home from Michigan at 35 thousand feet or so with some big mouth young guy in the seat behind me that just wouldn’t shut the hell up. Yap yap yap! I so wanted to turn around and tell him to shut the F up but that’s not me. But I sure wanted to and I felt sorry for his seatmates. I blurred the bad word for you. Have you ever been in this situation, or perhaps a screaming baby nearby? Babies shouldn’t be allowed on airplanes, LOL!


No, I didn’t receive a ticket while driving this morning but the traffic was tough. I am ticketed for a flight to Michigan next month, it’s family time!! It will be wonderful to have everyone together again but I’m not looking forward to the much colder weather up there. This native Michigander is a desert rat these days who loves a mild winter climate!

A Big Stretcher And A Few Clouds

Here are some road clicks from this morning for ya. Are those real clouds up there? That limousine was amazing, the photo does not show how long the damn thing actually is. I’ve driven tractor-trailers and other large vehicles in years past, but not something like that limo. You are very limited in where you can go given the turning radius of that car. The building with the sun over it is the One Summerlin building located in Downtown Summerlin. 77 lovely degrees today!

Old Desert Photos

Here are some older photos from at least two or more years ago, still looking but not like the photos I produce today. I had a nice ride to the pharmacy today but found nothing worth a photograph, I seriously need to take one of my half-day trips for a change, maybe the Las Vegas to Pahrump, Nevada ride. From Pahrump, it’s a fairly short drive to the edge of Death Valley, haven’t been there since the days of marriage. Makes me shudder… Never again.