Vegas Locals

Ground Zero

This six trunk Mediterranean Fan Palm lives in front of my place, welcome to the Mojave and Desert Scape Landscaping. There are six trunks on this palm tree, the sixth trunk is behind the trunk at full left. These trees… Read More ›

Oleanders at Sunset

Here’s a black and white sunset from last eve, I really wish my neighbour would prune his fricking Oleanders back! They make a hell of a mess on my backyard when it’s windy, and I have pruned them back three… Read More ›

Stack Stone Patio

Stack Stone wall design is gorgeous when done properly which this one is, but I’ve run the image through iColrama so it looks a bit wavy. Call it a friendly wall… 😎


The sun has managed to poke through the clouds this morning, it’s about time! The moisture-laden clouds float gracefully over the western mountains yesterday morning.