The Sounds of Flowing Water

These videos were recorded yesterday at Floyd Lamb Park. The water level was much higher than usual which leads me to believe that the county is bringing in water from Lake Mead. Perhaps to freshen the ponds up a bit but they are spring-fed as well. In any case, the sounds of flowing water are always relaxing to hear.

Windy Blues

Another day of wind is upon Las Vegas Valley, a big surprise, right? If you follow this blog, then you know how many of these windstorms blast through here during the cooler months of the year. The wind makes a sound that comes down the fireplace chimney, and the front door occasionally creeks too under the changing air pressure outside. The sky is blue though, with the occasional puffy white cotton cloud passing overhead while the jet aircraft occasionally pass over the house after departing North Las Vegas Airport. I hope your area is much calmer today.

High Wind Warning

This video is from last summer actually, during an extreme wind warning. These storms are more common in winter but man do they pack a punch! I think this storm had some 60+ mph gusts. I can’t make out what I was saying. 🌴

Another Las Vegas Windstorm

This isn’t a great video, but you get the idea. Forty-five+ mph winds have returned to the valley which is zero surprise for me. Winter in the valley seems to make these powerful windstorms more frequent. According to the local NWS weather stations, there are some strong low-pressure systems coming this way. Perhaps a spit of snow may be seen down here in the valley too which is odd. I have seen some areas of the valley with a tiny bit of snow including my place. Not normal in my view. 🌴😎