Another Las Vegas Windstorm

This isn’t a great video, but you get the idea. Forty-five+ mph winds have returned to the valley which is zero surprise for me. Winter in the valley seems to make these powerful windstorms more frequent. According to the local NWS weather stations, there are some strong low-pressure systems coming this way. Perhaps a spit of snow may be seen down here in the valley too which is odd. I have seen some areas of the valley with a tiny bit of snow including my place. Not normal in my view. ðŸŒī😎

Chicken Fried in Olive Oil

Now it’s time for a quick lunch in John’s kitchen! This is once again the thin-sliced chicken that I really love to cook since it cooks very quickly. For these breasts, I used Mrs. Dash’s salt-free seasoning, organic Oregano, a pinch of Italian seasoning, ground black pepper, and my faux salt substitute. Oh, and a pinch of poultry seasoning too. this is such a delicious lunch, just add a veggie and bingo, such a delicious lunch! I’m out of here to take a slow drive on this beautiful, warm day.