Wind Assault

Yesterday was just another windstorm but this one had some vicious gusts in it as the video shows. My previous post showed just how thick the dust was yesterday. Nothing is covered in a thick layer of sand this morning! Partly cloudy and 77 degrees are forecast for today, this latest storm pulled the daytime temperature down ten or so degrees. The photo was taken with the iPhone the other day, the video with the Nikon.

The Wind Is Back…

A huge surprise, right? Sunshine and 84 lovely degrees are underway in Las Vegas right now, another beautiful day even if the wind is trying to slam the car door on your fingers! Happy Sunday from my backyard.

The video and photo are from the Nikon Z50 camera

Yet Another Windy Day!

This is crazy. I have lived in Las Vegas since 2013 and have never seen the city stay this windy for this long a duration. I don’t mind the wind at times yet sometimes it gets irritating. The global warming crowd will jump to its own conclusion but you know I don’t buy that stuff.

Sunshine and 81 lovely degrees are in the forecast for today in spite of the wind. Those poor souls on the Strip doing the NFL football draft thing must be tired of the wind too but too bad! Honestly, I’ve never been a fan of football, it’s too slow a game. How about hockey!

Our Vegas Golden Knights have been eliminated from the playoffs again. Gladly, it’s just a game for me. Have a great Friday and weekend my friends, be well!

Making A Left Turn

I’m not sure if I’ve done this before but it’s sure to be the most exciting video you’ll see all day, right? 😂 Vegas has serious traffic, keep this in mind if you come here and rent a car. This is nothing like driving in Michigan but not as bad as the traffic in the Los Angeles area. Horrid!

We Have Rain!

It’s actually raining in Las Vegas, so rare! I hope that this year’s monsoon season will dump huge amounts of rain because Lake Mead needs it so badly. The drought here has been going on for many years now which is really terrible! All of this while the east coast gets drowned every week…

Will This End?

The windstorms have been much closer together and more frequent in the last month. I don’t mind a windy day but when these storms come every three days or so, it becomes too redundant. A bit like my photos, eh!

And this time the temperature is going to drop much more thanks to a powerful low-pressure system far north of Las Vegas over the Pacific Northwest. I look forward to those hot evenings relaxing in the backyard.

Climbing The Switchback

This is a super short video of the bike climbing a short switchback path that comes out of a wash where a trail runs right through it. You don’t want to be down there during monsoon season or if there is a rainstorm within say twenty-five miles. Flooding happens fast in the desert! I’ve noticed that the phone sounds like it is amplifying the sound of the electric motor located in the rear wheel hub. It never sounds that loud to me when riding so I’m sorry about it being so loud! That said, I will not go back to riding a non-electric bike.

I tossed the silly photo in because it reminds me of how I was during those married years. 😂

Crossing The Lake Mead Bridge

Today I tried making some videos while riding the bike and made four videos. This one as the title suggests was taken on the short pedestrian and bike bridge. The phone mount won’t twist any further hence the camera does not see any higher up which sucks. I would have to use a Go Pro on a helmet cam for that, or loosen the phone bracket and rotate it a bit on the handlebar. Such a beautiful day to be alive!

That Damn Wind!

It really does get to be annoying after two days of constant blasting wind! Today’s gusts hit 50mph according to the national weather service. The colors in the video are really bad, I have no idea why this iPhone does this, or, could it be the application called Pro Camera? Maybe I need a new photo application.

This photo application has far more options than the stock photo app that comes with the phone. This latest windstorm is supposed to pass by nine PM this eve, maybe tomorrow I can get a bike ride in… My sister and I swapped biking stories today about riding in heavy wind, it can be dangerous!

Blinded By The Dust

Today’s windstorm is supposed to blow until three AM Tuesday and so far it’s been a very mean hombre! Here is a short video of the wind trying to blow one of my palm trees over. The unprocessed photo is via the Nikon, notice how all you can see of the foothills to the west of my place are almost completely obscured.

That’s nothing more than dust in the atmosphere blotting the mountains out. It has been my experience that if you are able to do so, stay home. The wind is strong enough to blow huge trucks over and also blow other cars off course and collide with you.

I’m certain that many 18 wheeler trucks are shut down right now on the fifteen, the ninety-five, and 215 freeways around the city. Sometime last summer, I was heading down a steep slope on the 215 freeway when I saw a very dark cloud heading my way.

When the truck encountered the cloud, I could actually hear the small debris hitting the sheet metal. Getting home in the garage, I had a good look at the front of the truck and unfortunately, there were some paint chips but no dents or broken glass. This is why I recommend staying home if you are able.

It doesn’t help that I am close to the mountains on the west side of the valley because we can get some very powerful down-slope winds. You couldn’t pay me enough to take a ride in the elevators that take you to the top of the Stratosphere Tower right now! Oh hell no…

A Gentle Breeze, A Lot Of Sunshine

This time of year in Las Vegas is so wonderful with its warm gentle breezes and bright sunshine. It’s so nice to sit under the palm fronds and feel the breeze, close your eyes, and listen to the fronds gently swaying in the breeze… I spent a good half an hour or more relaxing in the backyard this afternoon getting mellow and also watering my Palm trees and Sago Palms. And, it was 23 very cold degrees back home this morning, too cold!

Never Ending Blow

The wind just won’t give up its big blow, this video was recorded yesterday in the backyard and it’s still blowing fairly good this morning. It’s now been a three-day windstorm. Sunny and 73 degrees today and possibly a bike ride today after several days off. The handsome Cormorants were photographed last year.