Las Vegas 2019

In these photos, I was likely coming back to town from a visit to the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Just before you come back into town, the road descends sharply as there are two small mountains on either side of you. From this location, you get wonderful views of the Strip and the entire valley. Today’s weather forecast is 95F and partly cloudy. When I awoke this morning, the sky looked like it was about to pour rain which would be wonderful.

iPhone Video and photos

Taking care of a couple of errands, I snapped the photos and video along the way, such a beautiful day. I stopped at a Wendy’s restaurant and noticed that almost nobody inside was wearing a mask. Why? Even I who rarely watch any kind of “news” today knows that the mask mandate has been reinstated. How extremely intelligent…

The buzzing sound in the video is Cicada, they are very loud!