Taco Monday

Here are six photos taken late this morning on the way to and from Roberto’s Taco Shop. It’s yet another beautiful day in the valley today, the 80s are coming later this week.

Still very nice weather but I’ll miss these perfect days over the winter months. My Michigan hometown will 50s and 40s this week, Las Vegas will see the 80s as mentioned, but cooling into the 70s soon.

The 70s will seem a bit too cool for this seasoned desert rat…

At Downtown Summerlin Today

Good afternoon! I got out of the house once again today as cabin fever is closing in around my throat you could say. It’s just too damn beautiful outside to be stuck indoors. I snapped around sixty-five photos there today, here is the first set. I hope you like these, it’s my first time using the Nikon Z6 in this location.

A Simple Breakfast

Good morning! I woke up at six AM and thought about whipping up some eggs and toast. The eggs needed to be used up anyway so here it is, so simple and delicious! You’ll notice that I’ve stopped making them over-easy. Wrecking them is much faster anyway. There are four eggs on the plate, my toaster only makes two slices at a time or I’d have four slices! Today promises sunshine and ninety degrees, not bad for October!


I whipped up lunch a bit early today, this pound of ground round needed to be cooked up before it went bad. I was being lazy and skipped the backyard grill too. It’s only ninety today though, not too hot for grilling!

Welcome To Smogville

I don’t mean to disparage my adopted home by that title, but this is what it is. This view was photographed from my parking space at the park today, just enough elevation to see several miles. Are those very costly, yearly smog checks really helping? The smog test costs me several hundred dollars once per year…