Sky Life

I rarely get to travel in an aircraft, so when I get the chance I’m on it. Usually it’s flying to and from Michigan twice per year, as soon as the weather warms the hell up in Michigan, I plan… Read More ›

Ducks, Palm Trees and A Lake

I took these photos earlier today, it’s such a fabulous day today, too damn nice to set around the house all day! I have always loved ducks, all ducks for their beautiful colours and beautiful flight. Quack! The mountains beyond… Read More ›

Sails of Rain

Today the sun and clouds with occasional showers are playing a dancing game with one or the other winning the battle. My vehicle had a Recall notice so I took it to the dealer today, all it needed was a… Read More ›

Outside my Front Door

It’s been a beautiful day in the valley today, sunny and mid sixties which I am loving! This tree is still looking very happy today, those little flowers aren’t going last much longer though I suppose. If anyone read the… Read More ›

It’s All I Have Today

I’ve been very busy today getting several things done around town, and now I’m stuck at home waiting for Cox Cable to show up and replace my almost dead cable box. Technical shit you likely don’t care to hear about…. Read More ›

Such Weird Weather Today!

The valley has seen on and off showers mixed with sunshine today and low 70’s for the temperature. The seasonal warmup has begun and I dare say that it’s right on time too. After six yers here in the valley,… Read More ›

Snow On The Mountain

This is the first snow that has fell in Las Vegas Valley in ten years, so sorry I was here to witness it. It’s beautiful if it stays high in the mountains where it freaking belongs. Life in the High… Read More ›