A Slight Variance

Here’s a different version of that round building that is the Cox customer service building. The photos are slightly different. I heard some thunder a couple of hours ago, looking outside the cell was west of my place but it kept moving north. Damn… Once again I had a look at trying a new theme for this blog but as usual, nothing was worth the effort. Changing the theme almost always messes your site up in some way which takes time to fix. WordPress needs to get serious about the free themes they offer!

Food Trucks

Food trucks at Tivoli Village yesterday as a part of the Farmers Market and one other function going on.

On another note, this blog is slowly grinding to a halt. I have recently considered ceasing all activity here and starting a different blog with a name that is not tied to Las Vegas or anywhere else. Las Vegas Photoblog is eight years old and has 8,442 posts as of today, how much further can I push this blog?

Lake and Sky

Good Saturday morning, people! These are iPhone photos from yesterday’s short bike ride. Other than being a bit chilly, it was a nice five-mile ride. Glorious sunshine and 56 degrees are up for today, maybe it’s time for another bike ride! The back end of this site has had one glitch for the last two weeks which has had me in contact with those lovely WordPress Engineers frequently.

So much so that we have been in contact via email as (they) dig into the issue. This morning, the problem seems to have been rectified. So, what’s the problem? If you have followed this site for a while then you may know that I do not allow spam blogs or businesses. I have not been able to remove those businesses or spam blogs for a while for whatever reason. They are now gone until the next time.

In the process, I have a new follower who is one of the WordPress Engineers. You can stay, Engineer!

I’ve Been Blogging Eleven Years

Why thank you so much, WordPress, for letting me know this this evening! Before I began using WP, I was on Blogger which I suspect is where many of us started blogging. I used to have a self-hosted WP site early on in this blogging thing, but that didn’t last long because it was about Michigan politics. Today I say hell no to political blogs and have very rarely mentioned anything political in this space.

Las Vegas Photoblog has been at this address since 2016, but the content doesn’t say so. Before I purchased the Business plan from WordPress, I ran out of storage way too fast and basically had to delete a hell of a lot of photography. Lovely! My first post at this address was in 2016 and I feel ripped off by you know who. Regardless, I do not regret staying with WordPress for so many years regardless of the quirks.