Life Alert!

Really? So I have arrived eh? During my time in Michigan recently, my father and I had some pretty deep discussion about life and death. And money of course which led to our discussion about my health being in the state it is in. I’ll be fifty seven years young this month and have had heart disease and type two diabetes for a few years now. I’m a survivor. But I live alone and am just fine with this.

Living alone doesn’t bother me, it’s a cheap solution to the high cost of living today, and the higher costs involved with living here in Las Vegas Valley. At father’s behest, I’ve ordered a Life Alert system for my apartment which has a few pieces to it. This will allow me to have a direct connection to medical services should something happen to me. Isn’t getting older wonderful! Truthfully, I’m grateful to God for each day.

Daughter & Niece

This photo is from my recent trip to Michigan for the family Christmas. Daughter is on the left, my Niece to her left. The out of focus guy is daughter’s husband. Sorry dude!

Christmas Photos

Here are twenty more photos from my recent trip to Michigan for the family Christmas. There are a few more folders to go from the trip. I plan on visiting different hotels and venues on the Vegas Strip as soon as I can for some different photos than I usually post.

The Lapeer Depot

Restored in 1991 as the sign says, I was there during the reconstruction as well as the repainting of the retired train cars. They look like hell these days, the old train nutter crew I hung around with during those days has apparently disbanded! No more retired rail car painting. I spent many hours hanging around here with friends as at the time I was in my second rotten marriage. Marriage isn’t good for me, I’m not good for marriage!

The Lapeer County Courthouse

I’ve wanted to get some better photos of this very old courthouse for some time now. Well, it was twenty degrees or so and breezy when I used the Nikon and a 35mm Primary lens for these photos and it wasn’t an enjoyable experience for a person so completely acclimated to the Mojave Desert environment. Summer may have been better but then the leaves would block some photos. Who’s being picky here?

In any case I hope you like my little mini tour of the courthouse exterior. The building didn’t appear to be open hence I didn’t attempt to go inside. I’ve been inside plenty of times over the years. The last time though was some years ago with the now ex wife just before we were married. Well, we can’t allow old memories that make use uncomfortable to interfere with moving forward in our lives can we? Nope…. Eighteen photos in this set.

Five Before The Snow

I arrived in Michigan one full day before our family Christmas party to have some free time for driving around town and to visit with my dad. I miss him so much! The snow didn’t show until after dark on this day so I got some decent photos without the irritation of dealing with the snow. More to come from my recent Michigan trip.