Phantom Fireworks

This company sets up locations all over the valley in parking areas, and in gas stations which seems like a very bad idea. It’s a black and white image that I’ve reworked a bit. I’ve seen fuel fires in stations here!

Wild Horses in Lee Canyon

Happy Tuesday to you. These photos were taken at least three years ago in Lee Canyon, very close to the ski area. The image quality isn’t too good but it was so cool to see these beautiful, totally wild animals. Today’s forecast is for sunny skies and ninety-two degrees. We’re barely hanging on to those nineties!

Taco Monday

Here are six photos taken late this morning on the way to and from Roberto’s Taco Shop. It’s yet another beautiful day in the valley today, the 80s are coming later this week.

Still very nice weather but I’ll miss these perfect days over the winter months. My Michigan hometown will 50s and 40s this week, Las Vegas will see the 80s as mentioned, but cooling into the 70s soon.

The 70s will seem a bit too cool for this seasoned desert rat…

The Color of Yellah

I haven’t uploaded any Lantana flower photos lately, they are still hanging on since it’s not been remotely chilly here yet. When the time comes, I’ll cut them back. They may not need repotting until next summer. My ex seemed annoyed with my pronunciation of some words like Yellow and Window.

I’m not the only one from up north that speaks this way, ok? Grr. It’s Windah, and Yellah, OK? A creek is a Crick, and so on and on. How about a little Aye, too? Not everyone is from California, thankfully! 😂


This nasty critter got itself stuck on one of many sticky pads I have throughout my home. I always ask the pest control tech to leave a few extras for this purpose. There are four of these in the garage too, I take scorpions very seriously! I’ve never been stung as yet, but when I was married, my stepson was stung getting out of the shower.

That was a really bad experience for him. We took him to a satellite emergency room where he was given a rabies injection I think, which counters the scorpion’s sting. While they are nasty critters, humans need to remember that we have invaded their territory. They are a part of living in the Mojave Desert! I hope I never meet one in bed…

According to this link, this may be a Bark Scorpion.