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  • Busy Little Sperm

    No, they aren’t sperm, rather the new floor paint in my dad’s man cave!

  • The Signal Device

    I came upon this thing at the Anclote River Park and still don’t understand it’s functions exactly. Obviously it’s meant to be heard and it has a lighting device. The black item on the left appears to be a sensor… Read More ›

  • At Anclote River Park

    Here are four 35mm images from recently in Pasco County, Florida at the Anclote River Park. I was on the docks at the boat ramp just before walking over to this beach. One photo shows an older woman in neck… Read More ›

  • The Deer Hunter

    This is another 35mm photo of an old photo. This is my dad’s dad circa 1965, I have his same name!! The hunting camp behind him had a large potbelly stove for both heating and cooking. The cabin had at… Read More ›

  • The Spillway 4

    Here are the last photos of the concrete spillway taken recently. I made some crazy versions of these photos using three different photography apps. Time to move along…

  • Green Fingers

    Some beautiful green fingers at Anclote River Park recently, Pasco County, Florida with 35mm lens.

  • A Modern Easter Island?

  • Vase

  • The Spillway 3

    Here is round three from the concrete spillway taken yesterday. I feel sad for the young folk both for spray painting and defacing this area, and for the apparent hopelessness that someone or more young folk here are expressing here…. Read More ›

  • M 14

    This is a color conversion from an old black and white taken in 1967, this is my dad racing his F Hydro in which he briefly held a world speed record at over one hundred miles per hour. Not bad… Read More ›


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