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  • The Model T

    Taken just the other day in my pop’s man cave, we worked on the ignition system of this old beauty. The Magneto-Battery switch was acting up. The car is not a body-off restoration but a daily driver as I call… Read More ›

  • The North View

    The iPhone did a decent job capturing these wide open spaces but can’t match my old Nikon. You are looking north, the climate and lifestyle in Michigan is so different compared to my life in Las Vegas, a much slower… Read More ›

  • Blondie Isn’t Sure

    I stood on the stoop with my iPhone trying to get Blondie to come set with me a bit, she just wouldn’t come! She’s always a bit skittish of folks she doesn’t see often. Eventually she’ll relent and come to… Read More ›

  • Pepper the Shepherd

    Pepper the German Shepherd has a few years behind her now, her hind quarters have begun degrading as do most German Shepherds it seems. She still gets around OK but does so much slower these days. She’s a giant teddy… Read More ›

  • Mother and Son

    Time changes everything, nothing ever stays the same. This photo shows my mother and I twenty nine years ago at my second wedding to my children’s mother. Since those days my two babies have become adults with their own lives,… Read More ›

  • Generations

    I snapped this photo with the iPhone in my folk’s place recently. Generations. Where the hell have the years gone? Some family are living, some have passed into glory with the Lord. We shall meet again. ✝️

  • Glassy Reflections

    Just me, an iPhone and a glass ball in the sun…

  • Woman with Dog

    This is a highly cropped and processed version of an iPhoto taken at my folk’s place. She and the dog came out looking pretty good eh?

  • Bullets, Vodka and Whiskey

    These are things you’ll find in my father’s Man Cave. Don’t mess with the man! 😂😎

  • The Glass Bottle Hood Ornament

    This fun thing is on the VW Bug in a previous post. Not sure who made it but it’s cool!

  • Bug Flowers

    My mother had this idea many years ago, she’s passed away now but her bug flowers are replanted each spring. These photos are a good example of how far phone camera photography has to go to catch up with “real”… Read More ›

  • A Night Touchdown at KLAS

    The aircraft was just seconds away from TD at KLAS! It’s so good to be back home. 😎❤️🌴🌵

  • Pumping Jet A

    These aren’t terribly interesting photos but this is how we fuel up for the 2000 mile journey home to Las Vegas. The wings are full of Jet A fuel. ❤️😎

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