Chevy Chevelle

Two of these photos were taken in Downtown Summerlin, the other at a different location as I happened to come across the same car elsewhere. Such a great American classic car! A car from a better vanished time…

Don’t Miss The Train!

Don’t miss that train! The Grand Trunk Railroad is long gone, the Canadian National Railroad now owns this line through Michigan and into Chicago. It also runs well East into Ontario of course. This sign is a relic and is… Read More ›

Lake Mead Lows

Look closely at these photos, you can see where the Lake Mead waterline used to be. Regardless, a long ride along the Lake Mead shoreline is always an enjoyable ride with over fifty miles of smooth paved road, and plenty… Read More ›

How Dry is Lake Mead?

Have a look below. The ledge I shot some of these photos on should actually be several feet underwater, Lake Mead is around eighty feet below (I think?) it’s full level with no end in sight of the drought here… Read More ›