Wide Angled Desert

These images have the mountains looking much smaller than they actually appeared when taking the shots but the colors of the desert are still just right!

Sahara West

Taken today this image shows the Red Rock Escarpment many miles west of my location on Sahara Avenue, the west side of Las Vegas Valley. The lens was zoomed in tight resulting in this image.

The A 19

That’s what I call Alternate 19 that is west of U.S. 19 and close to the Gulf of Mexico passing through lots of small towns along the way. Lots of memories around here from the 1990’s and beyond. Nikon and… Read More ›

The Spillway 3

Here is round three from the concrete spillway taken yesterday. I feel sad for the young folk both for spray painting and defacing this area, and for the apparent hopelessness that someone or more young folk here are expressing here…. Read More ›

Don’t Burn Me Down

So last night well after dark I took a short walk to the backyard during another useless TV commercial. Stepping out the rear door of the garage it’s obvious my neighbors directly behind me are having another get together. I… Read More ›