Old Glory and A Lake View

Good early afternoon! Running some errands this morning I snapped some random photos. The lake photo is from the Nikon with the 24/70mm lens. The others are from the iPhone 12. This gas station recently replaced the flag which is why it looks so clean and crispy. It’s a beautiful day with sunny skies and upper 60s which is so much cooler!

The iPhone photos are unprocessed

Good Morning, Las Vegas Sun

Good morning and happy weekend my friends. Do you have big plans for today or Sunday? I don’t as usual but am glad to be feeling better today. The “bug” I caught is still with me but going away. I still have a few of these police memorial photos leftover from the other day, this one looks nice with some radiance added into the HDR look.

Old Days, Old Ways

The woman with man and piano was dubbed a ‘strong woman’ as the text said in the email. The two camping photos are amazing, perhaps early versions of Glamping? The woman with knives along her body is a nutter, no thanks, mam! And how about this early version of a diving suit? It had to be so terribly leaky!