Laughlin, Nevada

Here are three older photos from a day trip last year. The jet ski is on the Colorado River with Arizona on the other bank. Laughlin is a nice little town, complete with casinos. A bit like a miniature Vegas… Read More ›

Homeless in Vegas

This morning I was heading south for a couple of stores and was stopped at Lake Mead Boulevard. The homeless woman you see on the right side of the image took a long time to cross the boulevard, shuffling her… Read More ›

Navigating The Big City

As I have mentioned before in this space, traffic in Las Vegas is heavy and on the increase with many people moving here as I did. I’ve had to learn how to drive in big city traffic and am comfortable… Read More ›

Solar Electric

I’ve never been a believer in solar generated electricity because it’s not consistent like our usual methods of electricity generation. Further, it doesn’t take much research to find out how much solar power is subsidised. No thanks. So why did… Read More ›