When Petrol Was Cheap

Here are some collages I made from photos my friend in Michigan sent me some time ago. One of the collages refers to gas as Petrol which I find interesting. It shows me how American English (if that can make… Read More ›

Spring In The Mojave Desert

Not all deserts are a barren wasteland, certainly true for our beautiful Mojave Desert! So little rain, so much powerful sunshine year after year, these beautiful plants have adapted to the harsh desert life.

Sun Spur

Walking past one of my end tables a bit ago, I spotted the sun making it’s usual descent through the living room and spotted this antique spur with partial sun on it. So American Southwest, right? Always looking for inspiration… Read More ›

Anti Sunset?

Here are a few photos from last eve when the sunset wasn’t so glorious yet I captured what I could.

Eastbound for Pahrump

Hello Pahrump Valley. the city of Pahrump is OK, not much to see really but the restaurants and casinos are always clean and the food is yumz. It makes a nice half-day trip for me too. Read about Pahrump, Nevada.

Emergency Response

The other day I captured this Fire and Rescue truck blasting past me on the way to an emergency with full lighting and sirens screaming – exciting! I hope the persons were OK of course. Thank you, Las Vegas Fire… Read More ›

Old Barns in Michigan

While not these barns, many old barns in Michigan are slowly crumbling and eventually collapsing which is so sad. Of course the money involved in keeping our old structures alive isn’t available. Slowly, one by one our Michigan heritage and… Read More ›