Navigating The Big City

As I have mentioned before in this space, traffic in Las Vegas is heavy and on the increase with many people moving here as I did. I’ve had to learn how to drive in big city traffic and am comfortable… Read More ›

Solar Electric

I’ve never been a believer in solar generated electricity because it’s not consistent like our usual methods of electricity generation. Further, it doesn’t take much research to find out how much solar power is subsidised. No thanks. So why did… Read More ›

Vegas View

Here are nine photos taken on the east side of Las Vegas Valley during 2018. I’ve reprocessed them very gently with HDR software. That software has so many options that I just don’t use them all. I much prefer to… Read More ›

Three Ranges

Can you find the three mountain ranges in the photo? The closest mountain is Frenchman Mountain at 4,056 feet.

My Adopted Home

The mountains and beauty in the photos you see below played a big part among others in my decision to remain in Nevada. There’s no way I could have ever known that I would one day land in this wonderful… Read More ›

Service Dogs

My buddy Dave in Michigan sends me some really fun stuff now and then, I really like these service dog memes. There are several more to upload, here are a few of them! God bless our men and women in… Read More ›