The Valley

Just outside of Las Vegas you can find some serious peace and quiet almost anywhere. The rat race that is a big city gives way to calmness and serenity of the Mojave Desert. ❤️

My Flags

A different state flag flies in my state these days but the colors are similar to my Michigan state flag.

Booze on The Boulevard

I’ll betcha there are more gallons of booze on the Las Vegas Strip than there are people! Sin City? Drunken City! I have to admit, a cold beer looks darn good roundabout five PM! 😎


These are four photos from a few days ago, two were taken on Flamingo Road at the fifteen freeway.

I Feel Ripped Off

I HAVE BEEN RIPPED OFF: For several weeks now I’ve been dealing with tooth repair in the form of oral surgery and also at the dentist office. I signed up for dental insurance late last year, for this year knowing… Read More ›

Asking For Death

Each year in Las Vegas, several hundred pedestrians are killed while crossing our roads. This apparently homeless man decided this morning to cross this very busy six lane road whilst the red hand or Stop icon was still on. The… Read More ›

The Old Mountain

If that very distant mountain on the northwest corner of Las Vegas Valley could speak, imagine the tales of millions of years of weathering and major geological and climatological changes the rocks could speak of. It would be a fascinating… Read More ›

Topped Off with Patriotism!

Stopped at yet another traffic light I snapped this image atop the Rampart Casino today. Any business that sports our beautiful American flag is a business I will consider checking out! This is a very nice casino and hotel inside… Read More ›

Mojave Distances

Distances here in the Mojave Desert seem different to me because of the lack of trees down here. Take a drive up to our Spring Mountains and the Alpine altitudes, you’ll find all the trees you could ever want. I… Read More ›