Do You Remember These People?

Scanning the TV channels late last eve, I came across this wonderful movie. Doesn’t everyone love The Wizard Of Oz? Obviously, these photos were taken with the iPhone but you get the idea! I remember watching this movie as a child and I still love it so much! Judy Garland was a fantastic actress. Sunshine and 61 degrees are forecast for the valley today. It’s currently 41 degrees in my Michigan hometown.

Big City Driving

These photos are from this afternoon, the Stratosphere Tower is seen several miles east of my location on Sahara Avenue. You have got to be on your defensive when driving here, there are so many nutter drivers man, stay alert! The flag at this gas station needs to be replaced because it is tattered which I think is wrong. The other photo is driving north on Buffalo Avenue with a bit of a mountain seen in the extreme distance. It was 66 today so I squeezed in a quick bike ride. Nikon Z50 with Nikkor 140mm lens.

How We Grew Up

And if you are a baby boomer like myself, then you know how true this is! Honestly, I feel very much privileged to have grown up without the internet, a fancy phone, and social media regardless of the fact that I like blogging and my fancy phone! That sounds strangely hypocritical, doesn’t it? 🤪

Photos At The Lake

These Nikon photos were taken the evening before I flew home to Las Vegas, the focal length is 50mm. This is the lake where I spent my childhood years, and the property I am standing on is where I lived when I was in high school. The original home we lived in is in the next bay to the east. This place is very near and dear to my old heart, so many beautiful memories are here! 102 degrees and a chance for rain are in the forecast for today, bring on the rain! Happy Wednesday, friends!