Don’t Burn Me Down

So last night well after dark I took a short walk to the backyard during another useless TV commercial. Stepping out the rear door of the garage it’s obvious my neighbors directly behind me are having another get together. I… Read More ›

Lake Mead

Say hello to our beautiful Lake Mead as I passed over it heading home to Las Vegas last week. If your a Vegas Local then you already know how dire the situation is with the lake level. Lake Mead has… Read More ›

San Jose Park

This tiny park is near the home that myself and my children’s mother rented in 1993. What you see here was under several foot of water when the storm of the century flooded west central Florida. I used to wander… Read More ›

Shitty Drivers

This is an iPhone photo from my days working at U Haul. I think this truck was returned to my location but it was rented at another location. In any case, this is the net result of allowing people who… Read More ›

Charles Brown Market

A bit of an odd photo I guess, this nice little store is located at 712 Highway 127, Shoshone, CA 92384. I was on another day trip and stopped for this photo. From here it’s not too far to Death… Read More ›

The Six Bladers

OK, Bladers isn’t a word apparently but whatever. Here is the last set of aircraft I spotted yesterday. I looked up the name on the side of these beautiful Chinook aircraft and found that they had traveled all the way… Read More ›

The Speedy Two-Seater

Yesterday I photographed three different aircraft whilst parked in one spot. Apparently I unknowingly picked the perfect spot for aviation photos, and I didn’t even drive to my favorite photo spot near McCarran International Airport either. Both of these photos… Read More ›

Are They Pirates?

Am I the only guy that has noticed the tendency or trend of TV advertisements using all manner of musical genre to advertise their junk? The last several months I’ve noticed multiple companies seem to have jumped on the musical… Read More ›

Seven Days of Weather

Here is the forecast for Las Vegas Valley over the next several days. It’s a damn good forecast but last night and today have seen a powerful low pressure centre moving south through the valley. The winds have been howling… Read More ›