Did It Really Happen?

On this date today in 1969, Mankind landed on the Moon. Or did we? I’ve always believed that we did. There are plenty of nay-sayers around these days, even a TV program trying to prove that the landing never took… Read More ›

Recent Quakes

Many of you are aware of the recent quakes in California, location not terribly far from Vegas. This is a screen shot I made tonight of recent quakes around Las Vegas. Huh? I felt zero. Let’s keep it that way… Read More ›

Summer in The Valley

Here’s a view looking west on Lake Mead Boulevard today. It was only 102, I can feel the difference today versus the last few days at 108 which is coming back next week. Summer in The Valley! 😂

From The East Side

Today I got the heck outta the house and headed east all the way across the valley to where Lake Mead Boulevard leaves the valley and continues into the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. I didn’t continue into the Rec… Read More ›

The Versions

Digging about in a folder this eve called Family Archives which I am planning on sending to the family on disc when it’s complete, I found the three versions of this photo. I think it was taken at Spring Mountain… Read More ›


Our blue marble floating through space at 17,000 miles per hour has an ever changing, ever moving skin. Different in any direction at any time. Our Earth is a very dynamic world.

Making Things that Solidify

This little concrete plant was once extremely busy when the 215 freeway was being improved in this area. The freeway is gladly now complete through the area! That’s our beautiful 6943 foot high Gass Peak in the far distance beyond… Read More ›