The Bucks

Here are two of many bucks on the office wall which were taken many years ago. Venison anyone? πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‹

The Feist

My friends whom I worked with in Michigan for over twenty years recently adopted this very high spirited dog. In fact the animal has so much energy that it made me crazy in the five minutes I was around it…. Read More ›

Pooped Pepper

Pepper is ten years old and has the hip issues that German Shepard dogs get as they age. With proper medication, she has been able to run a little and keep up with Blondie. Her quality of life is still… Read More ›

A Fur Ball with Eyelashes

Isn’t Blondie sooo cute! I’ve never seen a dog with eyelashes like hers, they must be the envy of many hooman women? I still want to bring her back home with me!