Wild Donkeys

Some of you will remember these wonderful totally wild donkeys that roam the Mojave Desert not far outside of Las Vegas. I believe they are the descendants of donkeys brought here during the 1800s, perhaps having to do with the gold rush, or perhaps families moving westward.

In any case, they’ve been running wild and free for many generations. In one photo, a donkey seems to be preening the back of another donkey, so cute.

I’ve seen people feed them before, and that’s not only dangerous but completely illegal too. Should the BLM rangers catch you, you’ve just earned yourself a three hundred dollar fine!

And that’s how it should be in my opinion. The same fine applies to feeding the wild horses that roam freely here too. Wild horses also roam free high in the Spring Mountains.

Equine Eyes

On a short jaunt to the party store today, I stopped by the park for a quick walk. Looking around, I noticed that there were horses under the big roof of the horse arena.

Great, and I have the proper lens on the Nikon too.

Of course, I asked permission to take these photos from the owners, a younger couple who were very nice, and definitely knew what they were doing with these big, powerful animals!

It’s those eyes that get me every time. Such big, beautiful eyes. They are powerful yet graceful animals that I love to watch run, gallop, and walk. Years ago, I tried riding a horse circa 1981.

I sucked at it apparently, as the horse reared up and almost ditched me! That’s good enough. Since those days, my horsepower comes in the form of a 4.3 litre V6!

Pepper, May 2012

Pepper is a beautiful girl that has lived with my folks for a long time. She is of course much older now and has the unfortunate hip issues that the German Shepard breed has. She was still getting around rather well though during my last visit which is now over one year, no thanks to the virus. How deeply I miss my family.

Wild Horses in Lee Canyon

Happy Tuesday to you. These photos were taken at least three years ago in Lee Canyon, very close to the ski area. The image quality isn’t too good but it was so cool to see these beautiful, totally wild animals. Today’s forecast is for sunny skies and ninety-two degrees. We’re barely hanging on to those nineties!

At Downtown Summerlin Today Four

Here is the next set of five photos from yesterday. I think the bird is a Grackle? It let me get pretty close, but I also had the 24/200mm lens on the body. Gotta love that brilliant yellow-ish eye! I’m very colorblind…