An Ancient Sea Shell

I’d say this was a very luck find! While flying the drone yesterday I noticed this sea shell near my feet. While it’s not unusual to find seashells on the valley floor around Las Vegas Ive never seen one like this to date. I did a quick search for the type of shell this is but found nothing about it. If you know what this is, lets hear it! Much of the American West Coast was once underwater in a warm, shallow sea many millions of years ago, hence we can find these wonderful scenes from many millions of years ago. Happy Sunday friends!

Blackbird on the Gable

Three photos from very early this morning, I’d just crawled out of bed and was going to check my blood pressure when I heard this very noisy and very shiny black bird going at it on top the garage gable. Ain’t he pretty! Well, I picked up my printed photos for the 20×30 frames I purchased yesterday. It took a bit of work to get them mounted properly in the new frames but they are worth it! They look great in the living room and bedroom. it was about two hundred bucks to have them printed, framed and such. Not too cheap but hey, they look better on my walls than the Abstract paintings I purchased. Let’s stick with desert themes!

The Poser

This is one smart donkey! Look how wonderfully it posses for my Nikon! Love the closeup on those great big eyes. That mountain in the background is a part of the Lamadre’ Range, actually many miles north of this location. In other non-news, I purchased a Drone today! I’ve been considering moving up to arial photography and if this works out (as in I am a noob) and learn to properly and safely fly the “aircraft”, I can expand my photographic vision much further. More to come on this! Everything is charging just now…

The Donkey Gang

Yesterday I stopped by Bonnie Springs to see if the donkeys were in the area and yes they were! But this time in a bit of a herd. It started with just four donkeys then several more donkeys wandered in from the bush to join the pack. It’s like a gang of wild donkeys! These guys are likely the descendants of donkeys used by people heading west in the 1800’s and 1900’s. Of course I could be wrong on that but they are so cool!

Click a photo to start the slides

Head of Donkey

Happy Friday! So I was out and about in my usual haunts today and decided to drive a few extra miles south to see if the wild donkeys were hanging around near Bonnie Springs. Bingo! I’d not seen any of them in weeks but today about a half dozen cars were parked up ahead. It had to be, sure enough. Isn’t this guy/gal so cute? I’ve some great photos coming up of these animals, that is if you like wild donkeys. I seriously do not recommend petting wild animals. People do it. Bad. Worse? Being bitten or a $500.00 fine for feeding them!

Wild Donkey with the Lamadre’ Range in the distance

A Cute Ground Squirrel

I posted photos of these adorable little fellas the other day but this morning found this much better single photo of this Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrel. They look so much like a Chipmunk but look closely at the head shape and face, distinctly Squirrel! I had a great bicycle ride earlier which my seriously out-of-shape fat ass seriously needs. Enjoy the rides before our summer heat returns! Happy Thursday to you my friends!!

How can you not love that face!

Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrel

Frequently you will see these adorable little Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrels scurrying about when walking the desert around Red Rock Canyon. These little cuties have a very wide range, they also live in states north of Las Vegas. I made these photos while having a nice chat with a man about cars, trucks and engines whilst he fed the squirrels peanuts. It’s so cute to watch them come running back for another treat, then if you listen closely you may hear the peanut being chewed up – so cute!! Gotta love this desert!

Desert Dweller

Whilst hanging around at the Red Rock Overlook today, I noticed a couple tossing little bits of cracker to the ground which was attracting these very cute little critters! I’ve seen them before out there, they are prolific. I wanted clearer photos than these but…