Service Dogs

My buddy Dave in Michigan sends me some really fun stuff now and then, I really like these service dog memes. There are several more to upload, here are a few of them! God bless our men and women in… Read More ›

Blondie’s Eyelashes

Well, I finally managed to get a photo of my pop’s dog Blondie that really reveals how sweet they are. They do not interfere with here vision or daily activity either. When I was younger, girls always loved my long… Read More ›

Old Horse Barn

This barn is very old and is one of several barns on this property that was once a Thoroughbred horse farm. This is the first photo of many bro come from my very recent trip to Michigan where I was… Read More ›

K9 Lashes

I cropped this photo down to augment the lashes, the photo isn’t as clear as I’d like. ❤️

Dog Face

My father’s dog Blondie has appeared in this space before, I tried applying a bit of HDR. Look at those lashes!