Such a Cutie!

While at the Scenic Overlook today I was eyeball hunting for Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels. After several minutes I saw just this one lone squirrel. I zoomed in as far as possible and snapped quickly. Score!

A Bird on The Wing

This Black Bird was flying over the parking lot at the Red Rock Scenic Overlook today then suddenly dropped far down the hill in front of the lot. As it rose up quickly above again, I took a wild shot,… Read More ›

Old Donkey Photos

I can’t seem to find the wild donkeys anymore in the desert. Someone told me recently that many of them were rounded up and moved elsewhere but you can’t believe everything you hear right? Sadly, Bonnie Springs Ranch has been… Read More ›

Squirrel Face

Up close and personal. I did some fancy cropping on these! I’m off to the hospital to run on the treadmill.

Little Piggies

My mother passed in 2012, these little piggies are in the same spot they were since that day. My father has basically left the entire home as it was since 2012. Mother loves her cute little piggies so much!

Blondie The Curious

I’m digging through photos from my dad’s 90th birthday party and came across this photo which I don’t remember! Those eyes are incredible as is her intelligence. I don’t have pets in my home because of the damage they’ve done… Read More ›