Abstracted: To be disconnected from what is happening around you. These critters stand still as a statue, their eyes opening and closing now and then whilst they take shade under the Joshua Trees. They groom one another occasionally, and twist… Read More ›

More Donkey Nonsense

This next set is cropped way down to bring the animals up closer, the image quality may have suffered a bit. I was a good way from them, my 70-300mm zoomer was maxed out. Seems most folk find these animals… Read More ›


Once again I found my four legged friends near Bonnie Springs Ranch! They are so docile and cute. one donkey apparently had an itchy tail, then walked over to groom his friend who was taking shade under a Joshua Tree…. Read More ›

The Black Bear Diner

The Black Bear Diner is located at Durango Drive and Sahara Avenue, I have drove by this place many times, I decided to have a Club Sandwich there late this morning and I was not disappointed! The place was nutty… Read More ›

Return Of The Birds

Ordinary Pigeons, and a Brewer’s Black Bird that wanted a piece of the action. It got one piece and walked away to eat it’s prize. I stopped feeding these guys because of the poop on the sidewalk, and on my… Read More ›