Donkey Love

I reworked this image this morning with the HDR software, looks a bit better than the original. Love the eye closed, the donkey must really enjoy that human touch! You should never pet a wild donkey.

Resting Pigeon

I was surprised to see this lone pigeon resting by itself this morning. I snuck outside to get as close as possible, yet the bird did not move a bit. Curious to know if it was injured, I stepped outside… Read More ›

Bark Park

It would be so lovely if the management chose to boot all the damn dogs out of this place. Too much noise, too much of what sounds like dog fights going on behind me. Recently, the red and blue plastic… Read More ›


Whilst trying to capture the Squirrels, I saw this dude or gal. Eh? Best and only shot I got off for him.

Critter Love

Whilst getting some photos today in the open desert, I spotted a Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel which are super fast and hard to capture. Not the best photo really but considering how few there were and the speed with which… Read More ›