Birdie Closeups

More Pigeon photos! I cropped the crap outta these and cleaned them up as much as I could. My old bread and muffins always go to my avian friends. Happy Memorial Day weekend to you!

From Dad’s Birthday Party

Here are a few shots with the iPhone the day before my dad’s surprise 90th birthday party. These were taken inside a Harley Davidson motorcycle dealer in Lapeer, Michigan. what I wish I’d have photographed are several old motorcycles, both… Read More ›

Drinkin’ Beer

I have worked with these two awesome human beings for over twenty years. They are my brother and sister, regardless of being no relation whatsoever. Great human beings, beautiful memories. Photo taken at my dad’s 90th surprise birthday party. Note… Read More ›

Brewer’s Blackbird

These nice looking blackbirds are very common in my area, nice to look at with the interesting feather colours and those big yellow eyes. The call they make is a rather loud screeching sound, easily identified while out and about…. Read More ›

Birdie Breakfast

Good morning from the valley! It’s currently sunny and 70 degrees in Las Vegas, a beautiful morning for setting on my porch with a steaming hot cup of coffee and my camera. What’s that, Mr. Birdie? Your hungry? OK, I’ll… Read More ›


Lucy belongs to my neighbour, she is the most well balanced and sweetest dog ever! His owner found her in the desert as a pup so I’m told… Regardless, she is a sweet dog! Click my cute face!

In The Wetlands Two

The second and last set from the Clark County Wetlands park. This water is all reclaimed water that has been processed and cleaned then released into the Las Vegas Wash. From there it flows East toward Lake Las Vegas and… Read More ›