What Was It?

Just what this place was long ago I have no idea, but today it’s used for horse boarding. Some sort of carnival with kiddie rides?? These are drive-by photos so I didn’t get a full set…

The Steel Bird

Around the city there are faux birds like this and other animals, faux cacti and so on which are very artistic! I captured this high stepping bird while stopped at a traffic light.

Salt Lick

This Lick is rather old, it’s had lots of lickin’!! It’s near that 125 foot Oak that fell recently in the wood. When I had a house in Michigan, I’d place a lick on a stump outside the kitchen window… Read More ›

The Poopy Pussy

This kitty birdhouse has been in this location for something like ten years, as you can see it’s currently sheltering a bird family. But those birdies have made such a gross mess of the kitty! I feel bad for it…… Read More ›

Blondie Isn’t Sure

I stood on the stoop with my iPhone trying to get Blondie to come set with me a bit, she just wouldn’t come! She’s always a bit skittish of folks she doesn’t see often. Eventually she’ll relent and come to… Read More ›

Pepper the Shepherd

Pepper the German Shepherd has a few years behind her now, her hind quarters have begun degrading as do most German Shepherds it seems. She still gets around OK but does so much slower these days. She’s a giant teddy… Read More ›

Eyes Locked

This dog has his or her radar eyes locked on the target! Just don’t jump out of that truck buddy!

The Launch

Taken early this morning, this was a lucky photo. I didn’t know of course that the bird was going to launch! Are Pigeons actually flying rats? They seem to multiply exponentially!

The Target Dog

Here’s an old iPhone photo of the Target Dog. I don’t see him on TV or anywhere else, Target stores suck!


Mr. Buck here and his head only buddy have been stuffed to their antlers, ready for a new life on display 24/7. Well, they don’t have to worry about food or hunters anymore! Those crazy Michiganders… 😎