Southwest Jet and Blondie

Good Monday morning, friends, are you ready for the new week? Sunny, windy, and 55 degrees are on tap for the valley today. A bit more heat, please, so that biking will be more comfortable. Here are two old photos, the aircraft was photographed while on approach to McCarren International, and Blondie is still as cute as ever today!

A Horse and Vegas Traffic

The traffic in this city never sleeps just as the Strip never sleeps. This little piece of Lake Mead Boulevard isn’t very busy, but drive it east toward the Strip and you’ll be swamped with traffic. The photo is from the iPhone on the bridge the other day. I showed my daughter a photo of her on the horse, and she said she doesn’t have this photo at home, bummer. So cute! I’m using old photos from a folder labeled for them…

Salute Our Flag!

I drove by the Pedego bike store to have a look at a different model than I have which is the Element bike. Long story short, I made the right choice with the Element because it is a step-through frame. Any other frame will throw my back out which means about three weeks of hell.

Pat’s self on back. At the party store, I noticed the flag with old sol behind it so out came the iPhone 12. The flag looks great with its colors and transparency doesn’t it!

The flock of flying rats, I mean Rock Pigeons actually nearly landed on me as I got out of the truck, ya think humans have been feeding these damn birds? The photo of them in-flight is because I stomped my foot hard on the ground which launched them, click!


This afternoon I drove through a local park and noticed two horse trailers so I parked and walked over to them. I asked permission to photograph the horses of course. I took about fifteen photos so here is a couple of them. They are big, powerful beasts that I appreciate for their strength, gracefulness, and beauty but don’t ask me to ride one!

Heavy Blue

Heavy Blue? I am talking about the photo at Tivoli Village with palm trees, lamps, and a blue sky that is way too blue. The iPhone captured the image that way but I think it’s because the sun is almost directly in the frame. How is your Hump Day going? My big couch is feeling mighty fine today here.