So Darn Cute!

I have been in Calico Basin a few times this year and have yet to see these adorable little ground squirrels there again. Bummer! The donkey and cart have appeared in this space at least once before, I used white cardboard paper as the background. It was my grandmother’s, and I remember it from when I was a child.

The Early Sunset

You can see by the sun’s height in the sky that it’s not quite sunset yet but I can make it look a bit later. The maybe not a stray cat is back. Look how healthy he or she looks! I call to the cat but it looks at me and then ignores me. Cats… I hope that your Halloween was good. ☺️ No posts tomorrow, but comments replied to.

The Metal Coyote

In some areas of the city, you will see these metal animals of many kinds as well as prickly pear cacti, and native wildflowers made of metal in the median between the lanes or attached to walls and other structures. We never see this in Michigan!

No Dust

No dust, it’s all gone and our beautiful blue sky and sunshine are back! A high of just 66 degrees is up for today which is damn cold for me, it’s time time to break out the jackets. I want the 80-degree days back.

The Eye Of The Rat

You may remember my recent battle with the flying rats, aka pigeons recently. The birds took over my new bird feeder and drove the sweet little birds I wanted there to photograph and enjoy in just one day.

They kept coming back to where the feeder was for a week or more, pushing and flipping the woodchips onto the rocks in a desperate hunt for seeds. Sorry, it’s all gone now, they haven’t been back, Thank God! These birds are a big problem here, and that pole is going to stay there to be used otherwise.

While they are an attractive bird to me, they are just not welcome home invaders! Click the pic.