A Brewers Blackbird and Miss Duck

Miss duck is so pretty, isn’t she? She was hanging out at Sunset Park which is very near McCarran International Airport. The Brewers Blackbird was photographed in a parking area somewhere. The photo shows how when viewed in the proper light the deep blue or purple shows up. I am very colorblind, sorry. Oops. After researching very quickly, I think this bird is actually a Great-Tailed Grackle. I am obviously not a bird expert! 😂

Five More Trip Clicks

Here’s the next little set from last week’s Michigan trip. Why does time have to fly so fast? It’s not a jet airliner traveling 600mph after all. A week ago today, we were heading northeast for Bad Axe, Michigan in that beautiful 1951 Chevrolet. The ceiling photo is an iPhone photo of the terminal at DTW, Detroit Metro Airport.

The car photo shows an Amish horse and buggy, very common in Michigan’s Thumb region. The buck is in the office along with a few other bucks. Yummy eating. And that’s my beautiful face onboard the airliner heading for Las Vegas. And the Michigan road sign? I dunno why I took that photo!

Today’s heat will be 93 beautiful degrees, then cooling to the 80s tomorrow and then into the 70s. Weird weather right now but I guarantee you the 100+ heat is on the way…

Landscapes and Blondie

Here is the next set of photos from my recent trip up north. Blondie is as sweet as ever, sadly, her partner in crime Pepper the German Shepard died recently due to complications in her spine. The German Shepard breed has this structural problem in the hindquarters. I did find Wilson’s little brother in Michigan, it must have taken him many years for him to get so far north! I didn’t bring him back to Las Vegas, Wilson would have liked that.

Fourteen Goslings?

That’s how many I could count in one photo, these geese parents are very good at procreation! I was on the way to the bank and saw this goose family sitting right on the edge of the main roadway and was concerned for the babies. I’m happy to report that on the way back home, the geese were all gone, no squished goslings were seen…

The lawn poop squad has some new members!

Just Like My Daughter

As a man, I don’t fully understand the huge affinity that young women and women have for horses. I like them for their beauty, great strength, and graceful moves. They are so much work though as I remember from years ago when my folks had a home in northern Michigan and kept two horses. One of them scared the shit outta me!

I was a complete noob at it as I am today, the horse reared way up and nearly tossed my 21-year-old butt on the ground. Nope, this isn’t for me! Real horsepower comes from pistons and crankshafts, right? Yep! The girls riding the horses across the dirt lot are different girls than those behind the horse in the arena behind the brown horse.

When my daughter was very young, she was always fascinated with horses as she is today and rides four times per week. Not too long ago, she asked me to purchase a horse for her which I would gladly do for her, but horses aren’t cheap just like cars. I didn’t like refusing her request but it is what it is. Perhaps someday I can do this for her!

The landscape photos are just for good measure… 🌴🌞