Ducks, Coots and Mountain Views

Alrighty, here’s the next set taken today while on the way to, and on the way home from, the pharmacy. I had run out of Metformin, that wonderful, time-tested drug that controls my diabetes.

As much as I detest these damned drug companies and their never-ended onslaught of television commercials, I am grateful for the research and availability of this drug that keeps me alive.

I stopped and hopped out of the truck to get the photo of the ducks and coots, as soon as I got to the end of the truck bed, an actual flock of Rock Pigeons flew right at me, some were so close to my head that I could actually feel the air being disrupted as the birds passed by me. Cripe, I could have literally reached out and grabbed them!

Sorry, no food from me you little bastards! 😂

Equine Riders

In the early afternoon today, I had a short ride around the area and found some folks riding at the horse arena. Of course, I had the Nikon at arm’s length and walked to the arena.

Such beautiful, powerful animals and they scare me but are so wonderfully photogenic. Permission was given for these photos, I used the Nikkor 200mm lens here, and lots of processing to pull up the very dark areas. Fun!