Blondie The Curious

I’m digging through photos from my dad’s 90th birthday party and came across this photo which I don’t remember! Those eyes are incredible as is her intelligence. I don’t have pets in my home because of the damage they’ve done… Read More ›

Equestrian Park and Ponies

Unfortunately you can’t really see the three little horses, or ponies? Very well, but one actually had sparkles on its hooves. Of course there were several young girls with the animals which reminded me of when my daughter was that… Read More ›

The Navajo Turtle

Good Sunday morning! It’s incredibly sunny in the valley this morning, so I grabbed another set of Navajo Art photos in the back yard. The dark lines are from the artist implanting horse hair into the piece when it’s being… Read More ›


These photos have all been in this space before, I like them so much, here they are again! Doink!


Long ago, this deer skull was dropped in a pot of boiling water to clean it off, then bleach was added to brighten it up and sterilise it… Memories of my Michigan life!