A Walk in The Park

About mid day today I decided to have a nice walk someplace so off the couch went my ass to the park! Here are several 35mm photos from the short walk. Some thoughts – my heart is compromised so walks… Read More ›

Riding The Ninety Five

Here are some 35mm photos from late morning today heading for a different doctor office. I have decided to kick the other doctor to the curb and go elsewhere regardless of this likely setting things back a little bit, it’s… Read More ›


Mr. Tortoise has been in this space before, here he is today bathing in the warm Mojave Desert sun sporting some different looks. Tortoises like to spice it up a bit too. 😂🌵🌴

Posterised Me

A goofy set. The color version was taken in Michigan a few weeks ago at our family Christmas gathering, such fun and good for my soul to all be together again. It was processed with iColorama. The posterised version was… Read More ›

Standing on The Line

I had plenty of good times Train Spotting at this old depot in Michigan years ago, Built in 1900. There aren’t any old depots around Las Vegas that I’m aware of.

The Creepy Dude Revised

I’m in a stay at home mood today, so why not pull up some old photos from my SSD backups? I reworked Creepy Dude again, this time adding some symmetry and other effects. He sits in a little black plastic… Read More ›