Long And Tall

I’m looking long and tall with the wide angle lens, and that plant will be pulled up today, it lived a long life!

The Spillway 4

Here are the last photos of the concrete spillway taken recently. I made some crazy versions of these photos using three different photography apps. Time to move along…

The Spillway

This spillway is located near Lone Mountain and actually dumps into a subdivision street near homes but would quickly flow downward to the north. I wouldn’t want this behemoth pointing at my home!

Morning Shadows

Sitting on my couch and being a couch potato this morning the sun made this shadowy view. The Nikon with the zoom on it was at arms length begging for the shot. Those little pieces are treasured family pieces! ❤️

Air Dolphins

This specie of Dolphin is much smaller than their salt water cousins and can live above water! Amazing…