Standing on The Line

I had plenty of good times Train Spotting at this old depot in Michigan years ago, Built in 1900. There aren’t any old depots around Las Vegas that I’m aware of.

The Creepy Dude Revised

I’m in a stay at home mood today, so why not pull up some old photos from my SSD backups? I reworked Creepy Dude again, this time adding some symmetry and other effects. He sits in a little black plastic… Read More ›

A Gloomy Backyard

Today is dark and dank. Gloomy and wet. No, I’m not grouchy or complaining, I find the sound of the rain on my dining room skylight rather soothing. It reminds me of another life in another state way up north… Read More ›

Smooth Skies

Here are a couple more shots from a few days ago outside of the city. The overcast sky came out nicely… 😎

Pointing The Way

Pointing the way to gun ownership! I suppose Americans are the only folks who would put a shotgun on top the garage for wind directions? Americans love their guns, good luck taking them away…