The Dirty Drive Train

Last night I twisted the 60mm macro on my old time Nikon body and got to work snapping my Kona Bike chain drive. The bike is actually super clean as I use the same polish on the entire bike as I do on my truck. But that chain and sprockets appear filthy as hell in these macros. Yeah, I was bored LOL!! πŸ˜‚


The Rear Braking System

This is my old bike that the asswipe house painters screwed up completely. I donated the bike. The new and far better Kona bike has disc brakes! A far better braking system than wheel rim brakes…


As the sun shone through the living room window making it’s slow descent this afternoon, I thought why not place the Kona in the way? Natural light is always good!


Here’s a shot from 2018 of bicycle gears, the image is washed out on purpose. I gave this $400 dollar bike away to the Goodwill. Why? The morons who painted my home’s interior hit it. The flip side is that I should have put the bike outside… Live and learn right? I ran this through the HDR software, beefed it up a bit.

Bike Lane

Honestly, as a Las Vegas Local for six years, I really recommend not using the bike lanes in some areas of the city. Too many looney tunes Las Vegas drivers! I generally ride the sidewalks only unless they are too busy.