Data, Deer Blinds and Flowers

That nice deer blind has been in that same location for several years and is still used every November. I think those yellow flowers are Black-Eyed Susans? And, I moved the MacBook and SSD drives to the kitchen to finish the transfer from the old disc to the new disc. Done. I hope the cooler weather returns soon as I miss those daily twenty-mile bike rides.

A Ride In The Wood

Riding a quad bike through the woods has always been a favorite thing to do for me, this isn’t my bike but it’s a great bike! The deer blind is a great piece, isn’t it? Inside, you will find a small heater for those cold November days when deer hunting begins in Michigan. November 15th actually.

There is also a tiny TV and some junk magazines to read while you wait for that ten-point buck to stroll into view. No, the magazines are not porn! I don’t hunt but have been in the blind when my dad is hunting. Plug your ears before the rifle is fired! Partly cloudy and 106 degrees are in store for the valley today.

It’s nice to be back in the heat!

I Took A Hot Ride Yesterday

And, I needed a damn shower afterwards! Today is even cooler than yesterday being in the 80s but it’s the humidity that gets me sweating hard so I’ll pass on riding today but it was a nice, quick three-mile ride. The other photos are from 2019. Have a great Friday and weekend, friends!

A Very Hot Sunset, Two

Just two more photos from last night, these were taken in the backyard. My eBike is in the living room since last night, it’s been stuffed away in a spare bedroom for weeks now since the weather went into full summer mode and I miss those 15 or twenty-mile rides almost daily.

No way am I gonna roll out of bed super early to ride though, and even then it can still be 90 degrees. Back home, it’s the winter weather that shuts down biking, down here, it’s the summer heat and very powerful sunshine that shut it all down for me. Everything is a tradeoff, a compromise in this life, isn’t it?