Eleven Miles

I enjoyed a nice eleven-mile ride this afternoon under the blue sky among lovely palm trees. Purchasing the electric bike has been a great choice! Here are some iPhone photos for you along the way. Coming upon the parking block with the words about President Trump was disturbing, such pure hatred. Whoever you are, please leave the country.

The Fountain

Now that my back is doing much better I was able to get a few miles of riding in this early afternoon, it felt good to get back to riding again. I stopped at this nice fountain located in a large business park and snapped these photos with the iPhone even though the Nikon was in the bike bag. As promised, the sky is blue and it’s in the upper 60s, perfect!

Ten Miles Later

Ten miles later on the new E-Bike, I grabbed a few photos at one of my favorite parks. I am still testing how far the bike’s battery will take me, after ten miles the battery depletion was less than one-third which means the range is easily enough to get me to my favorite place in my part of town. Great! Now, about the iPhone 12 and the Nikon Z6…

The Nikon was in the bag, arriving at the park I popped it out of the bag and took some photos of these blue steel rings and the flags. The photos from the Nikon were far worse than those from the iPhone which are these three photos. I tried taking the #4 ND filter off the 50mm lens too, the photos were still nowhere as good as these.

So, what to do with this? As I mentioned before, I wonder how many non-professional photographers like myself have stopped using the big-dollar cameras and use the iPhone instead? Especially with the wonderful image quality, it can now produce. The Nikon won’t fit in my pocket and it takes up plenty of space in a suitcase!