Tivoli Square

So, are you tired of Tivoli Village yet? I apologise if you are. Aren’t these iPhone photos super crispy? The iPhone can rival my Nikon in very bright lighting conditions like this which is great. Sunny and just 49 degrees for today, this is ridiculous! Have you noticed the new site logo? Simple and clean against white.

A Blah Day

What a difference 24 hours make! Our high-temperature today will be just 45 degrees thanks to another gray day of rain and cold wind. I have had more than enough of this weird winter weather here. It is the opposite of what you see in the iPhone photos from a couple of days ago. Can I go back to bed? 😂👍🏻

Tivoli Blue

Shot on iPhone, I should have turned down the depth of the blue yet it’s a nice contrast to the color of the building. 61 degrees and partly cloudy for today, a better day for a bike ride. What are you up to today?

iPhone Photos From Today’s Ride

It was a short ride today at just five miles which are because of the 55-degree air temperature. Add to that a small windchill factor and you have a chilly bike ride. Man have I softened up! Back home in Michigan, this would have been T-shirt weather when we were children. I now understand why older folks always went south in the winter. I may return home someday though, only time will tell.

Using Up The Old Stuff

Certain photos seem to fall through the cracks so to say and are left hiding in desktop folders, here are three of them. I would love to have one of my 20-mile bike rides today since it’s sunny but the wind has really picked up once again and it’s in the 40s too. Damn… Think 110F degrees!