Black & White Photos

CB Radio

In 1981 I began my fascination with radio, most any kind of radio. I have been a licensed Ham Radio guy since the early 1990’s I think, but began the hobby on the 11 metre band, commonly called Citizens Band… Read More ›


There must be hundreds of small grounds maintenance companies in the valley. Getting to work!

Are They Homeless?

It’s hard to tell in this instance, but the bags stuffed into the trolleys suggests so. In America, and in a city such as this, this should never happen.

A Regional Jet Approaches Touchdown

A Regional Jet (RJ) approaches McCarran International Airport (KLAS) at Las Vegas. This photo hangs in my home as do several of my photographs. Are you fearful of flying? I have no problem with it, flying is fun!

Two Way Transmission

The radios on the left and right are VHF/UHF radios for Ham Radio. The centre radio is an MURS radio which is a five channel band allocated for 2 watt low power communications for businesses, families, hiking and so on…. Read More ›