iPhone Magic

I made an oops when I mentioned that there were no more Seven Magic Mountain photos. These were snapped on the way back to the truck, the iPhone did a darn nice job, didn’t it? I’ve been getting my things packed up for tomorrow’s departure for Michigan, it will be so good to see my family!

Another Sunset Photo and The Gloomy Desert

Yes, just one more sunset photo last eve, the colors are popping nicely in this one too. I did a great job of dirtying up Rainbow Mountain too, thanks to Photoscape X on the MacBook.It’s been beautiful today with the temperature hanging around 70 degrees, I’ve been pruning the bushes out front throughout the day. All that’s left to be done is to scuffle hoe the rocks to make them look less sunk into the ground around the palm tree.

Hercules Engines

On the way into the mountains yesterday, I saw this very large and rusty 6-cylinder gas engine as I passed by and stopped to photograph it on the way down. There is no indication of what the engine was powering but it’s been here for a long time. A quick search showed lots of history for this engine, this link will tell you more.

Two Hours in The Desert

I left the house around ten-thirty this morning to head west out of the city for the usual places I love to visit. The Yucca seen in these photos now has the seed pods as do the Joshua trees. Those photos are yet to be processed, as are the squirrel photos. This time, I have actual seeds that the squirrels and birds can eat instead of peanuts. It’s currently 79 degrees and full sunshine this afternoon, just right!

Big City Life

This is Sahara Avenue looking east with the Stratosphere Tower looming large a few miles away. Sunshine and 81 degrees are the forecasts for today, not bad! Have you heard about the body in a barrel, found in Lake Mead recently due to the low water level? So sad. It has apparently been there since the late 70s or early 80s. No crime can be covered up forever, can it… Is the killer still alive today? Maybe fearful because of the discovery?

Old Memories

Old memories, sweet memories. I treated myself to a pedicure and manicure as well as a proper haircut today. All are long overdue because of the pandemic. I do okay doing these things but not nearly as good as the Korean ladies at the spa. She got a great tip! As projected by the weather service, it’s currently 81 degrees with winds gusting to around 40 miles per hour. Las Vegas should be called the Windy City, not Chicago!