Black & White Photos


I found some photos that seem to have been lost on the Mac. Eh? Unyawns are so good and versatile!

Liquid Torrent

Here’s another photo from last eve, I know cloud photos are totally cliche’ but aren’t the swirls and lines pretty up there? I left the image very grainy on purpose too by not de-noising during processing.

The Dusty Donkey

I was really surprised yesterday when I processed these images from the Tamron 60mm lens, my grandma’s donkey is really dusty! Sorry, grandma. I mean that. This lens is so amazing, I need to head into the desert with it… Read More ›

Art Closeup

A couple photos taken the other day with the new Tamron 60mm Macro. I’m not familiar with this lens!


Seven Eleven “gasoline” begets smog. Such a cozy relationship these two businesses have! Gasoline – a stupid word. Is this even an actual word in English? I’ve always found it stupid…  

The Alien

There’s an alien hiding above my dining room table! It descends occasionally and it’s scary!