Black & White Photos


It’s been a few years now since I hooked up a Three-Point hitch to the back of a real farm tractor. Need your dirt flipped?

My Fotos

A totally random foto from a bit ago this eve via the iPhone7 and the Lenka application. Sometimes BW works. No furniture installed as yet as you can see…

Black and White Flight

I suppose this kind of photo is a bit cliche’ but I still love to take photos like these. So beautiful on high! This photo was taken Thursday, 12-6-2018 from 36,000 feet onboard the Airbus A320 heading for my home… Read More ›


We humans, possibly not the dominant specie on this planet are always on the move like colonies of ants.

Antique Auto Tour

My father loves his antique cars, this photo is from 2015 when dad and I went on a tour in Georgia and Florida. It was lots of fun riding in his big old car (not shown) for two days. One… Read More ›

Dog Face

My father’s dog Blondie has appeared in this space before, I tried applying a bit of HDR. Look at those lashes!