This Week’s Forecast

Bloody hot is the forecast for Las Vegas Valley for the next several days, it’s the dog days of summer right now. Can you take the heat? Gladly, homes here are constructed to handle our scorching environment. 😎🌡 Click the… Read More ›

Valley of The Smog

Not intended as derogatory toward Las Vegas, the always present layer of smog is easily seen. It’s a good thing that there is mandatory vehicle smog testing in this city of over two million people.

The Launch

Taken early this morning, this was a lucky photo. I didn’t know of course that the bird was going to launch! Are Pigeons actually flying rats? They seem to multiply exponentially!

A Bit of The Mummy

While I was out and about today I was able to get a bit of Mummy Mountain in this frame. It’s not visible further south if your up against the west side of the valley. The Mummy is 11,545 feet… Read More ›

Visual Perspective

Looking southwest you see a small portion of the Red Rock Escarpment and a few cars, the owners likely on a hike out to the edge of the escarpment. I’ve hiked this before, a tough one for my compromised back…. Read More ›

Pushed Up

In the distance rising steeply is the Red Rock Escarpment. The escarpment is a fault line formed millions of years ago, here it is seen from several miles east near Calico Basin. This is an old photo of mine…

Up Your Palm!

Here’s a goofy photo – I had the 10-20mm wide angle lens attached, just randomly put the camera against the tree. Cool! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŽπŸŒ΄

The Conversation

Along the way home from purchasing the Safe I snapped these two guys having a chat in the 106 degree heat. Whoa!! You gotta acclimate to this shit man… 😎🌴🌡πŸ”₯πŸ˜‚

Interchanges and Mountains

This are the last of eleven photos taken yesterday on the way to the big Box store. Such a beautiful day, today Las Vegas has an Excessive Heat Warning with the high temperature reaching 111 degrees. Honestly, I’ve seen these… Read More ›

Well Waxed Wood

I admit to slacking on cleaning my home. I said it. Today I cracked that in half and got to it, cleaning the hard floors, dusting and then waxing the wood around the house. I really like my dining room… Read More ›