Business Trolls

Have a quick look at my Subscribe page on this site. What did you see? It clearly states that business follows are removed daily, no exceptions. During my recent holiday, I was away from this blog for a few days… Read More ›

A WordPress Anniversary

To my surprise, I received this notification late today from in my Admin panel telling me that I registered with them seven years ago today. Well, I knew I’d been on for several years now but wow! I… Read More ›

When My Mac Was New

These are crappy photos I took when unboxing the new MacBook Pro a while back. I still love the thing! There is one more photo in this set, but I omitted it as it’s a photo of the MacBook Air… Read More ›

Thank You

I sincerely appreciate all of you that continue to visit this humble photoblog. Best wishes for all of you.

Joy Ride

Just a few Nikon snaps from an early ride this morning, it’s so beautiful today! Sunshine keeps my mood high. Las Vegas has 300+ days per year of sunshine which is something this Michigan native loves very much. Sunshine doesn’t… Read More ›


Why does this meager blog have so few followers? Perhaps I am the only one who notices and gives a crap but I will tell you why. It has nothing to do with my photography. I’ve never claimed to be… Read More ›

Chronic Shit

I’m gonna change the theme a bit by telling you a bit about me, if you care to read! So then, what is chronic here? My blood pressure. About one year ago, my BP simply went kaboom after years of… Read More ›