Fremont Street, Last Set!

I snapped waaaay too many photos on Fremont Street the other day!

Colour & Texture

More photos from yesterday as I slowly moved through the Red Rock Scenic Drive which is about twelve miles total length. As I drove through the entrance yesterday, I noticed a paper sign taped to the drive-thru pay booth. It seems (best as I could glean) some folks in Congress dropped the ball, hence no payment was needed to enter this BLM fee area. And I just purchased a one year annual pass!

Let It Go…

I’m going to be perfectly honest here (not that I’m not honest with you always), this Michael Jackson Tribute Concert as it’s billed kind of irks me. I remember jamming Jackson’s music on my turntable in my bedroom years ago when living at home with the folks yet. He had a fabulous career and was a hell of a performer. But good Lord, the man died terribly in 2009. Let him go, stop using his name to make money. So cheesy man…

From The Little Ridge

I haven’t used all of the photos from my attempt to hike up a small ridge near my place the other day. I don’t like the way some of these images processed. The colours just aren’t nearly correct but here they are anyway. I want to try this same walk again soon as it’s just plain old good for my fat old bum to get out there and be active! More to come from this set today.

God, Mountains & Signs

Here are seven photos via the Nikon from today and yesterday. I hope your weekend is rockin! 😬

500 Posts

The fine folks at alerted me this morning that I’ve reached five hundred posts on Las Vegas Photo Blog! Wow, how’d I get to that number already? It’s kind of like my Instagram account reaching three thousand uploads already. Am I being prolific or what? I suppose being retired for the better part of a year may have a bit to do with it too right! Thanks so very much each and every one of you whom visit my humble photoblog, whether you follow or not. You are awesome humans!

Around Town This Morning

Our lovely sunshine has returned (yay!) and I tell ya, it makes a serious improvement in my daily mood. Having grown up and lived in Michigan for fifty-plus years, I have a deep appreciation for the number of days per year that Las Vegas has bright sunshine. I had some business on the other side of the Strip this morning, have camera will get that photo! Sunny and 63 today, come visit us!

PT Cruiser

Some of you may remember the introduction of this PT Cruiser several years ago. Well, I happened upon this one which was from California, whilst heading for the City National Building for some Vegas Golden Knights stickers for my rear auto glass. Damn are they not cheap! This car has obviously been tricked out a bit. It’s a bit of overkill isn’t it? Yet still cool in a way also. I’m on the fence!

Along The Wash

Happy New Years Day friends, I hope you’ve had a fine transition into the new year. This morning I took a ride to one of my many favourite places near and around Red Rock Canyon for a few photos. I used the Sigma 10-20mm lens for these photos. There are Yucca and Joshua along with rocks and Caliche in these photos. So what is Caliche?

This very hard substance is created over thousands and more years through calcification which acts like a kind of concrete. If your building a home or installing a pool on your property here in Las Vegas and are unfortunate enough to come across this nasty customer, expect your costs to escalate by a good bit. This stuff is really tough and must be air-hammered out of the way.

Just another thing to know about living in the Mojave Desert! The weather has been so wonderful the last few days, we are enjoying plenty of sunshine and temps in the mid sixties during the day whilst the eastern side of the States is buried in a seriously bad deep freeze.

I hope it’s warm where you are this New Years Day. More to come in this photo set.

Palms & Mountains

My oh my what a wonderful day in Las Vegas today! we’ve got sixty five degrees and sunshine which will be the case all this week according to The Weather Channel. Do you also like to watch The Weather Channel as though it were a real channel? The satellite map indicates that whilst the north and east are in extreme deep cold, southern Nevada is still enjoying above average temperatures for December so far. Well, I’ll take this, and hope that January might also be very mild. I’m going to go hug a palm tree!

50mm Test Images

Here are a few photos from yesterday in the tiny park nearby. Some of you probably remember some of the places from the other day, sorry. So far this lens has been a lot of fun to use, I plan on trying it in the canyon soon though it’s not a landscape lens of course. Only four more days for 2017, are you ready for the change of year? Time is going faster as I’ve aged – I’m serious!