Neon Museum 9

Here is the final set (thank God) from the Neon Museum yesterday. I like the photo of the old Stardust sign best in this set. Now I have to go find something else interesting to photograph with my Nikon! 😎

Photo of A Print

This image is apparently an artist conception of a tiny town somewhere long ago. I took a photo of it, you can see my reflection in the glass it is housed in. My folks own this, it resides in the… Read More ›

Radiant Mind

OK yes this is me and I do not have a radiant mind! God does for sure though! This is an oldie from two years ago I made with iColorama. Apparently I’d had a few brews aye? hehe…  ☺️

There Was No Fire

But the truck sure looked beautiful. I walked to the bank, took care of business then stopped briefly to watch this fireman apparently testing a system on the truck as he was starting and stopping the engine while water was… Read More ›

While Updating the OS

Apple released OS updates a couple days or so ago for my IOS devices, the MacBook and the iMac. Always keep your apples fresh! This was a dumb photo… 😂

Good Breezy Morning!

Howdy from Las Vegas Valley where it’s currently sixty two degrees with full sunshine and too much wind! I have zero plans for today except make some fresh chili and have another nice bike ride. Peace to you!