Don’t Mind The Smog

Continuing on after the last set, I’m not proud to show you the damned smog floating in the valley. It’s nasty but what can be done beyond riding bikes instead? Be real. Clark County won’t allow you to drive legally… Read More ›

Vehicle Recall

My truck has had a recall notice for some time, today I finally went to the dealer and had the recall performed. It’s software programming, nothing more. It had to do with the braking system and computer which is serious!… Read More ›

The Good Morning Moon

Each morning I step outside in the backyard to get a sense of the weather and sniff some kind of fresh air, this morning the half moon greeted me from high above so I grabbed the Nikon with zoom lens,… Read More ›

Cold Black Olives

This should give you a grin… I really love black olives. I mean since I was a little boy I remember loving the taste and texture of black olives, even more than your typical green, super duty salty olives! I… Read More ›