Hoover Dam and Lake Mead

Here are some goodies from a bit back. Photos will never truly capture the real size and beauty of our Hoover Dam which powers not only Las Vegas but other states in the American Southwest. I intended to take another half day trip to Boulder City over the winter but never made it, bummer.

When you walk on the dam itself, have a look over the edges and see the intake towers, you’ll soon realise how magnificent a structure it really is. And it was constructed in an era that never had the kinds of construction tools that are available today, the workers were brave and great Americans too.

Boulder City, Nevada

These photos are from about two years ago on one of my visits to beautiful Hoover Dam. No dam photos but I crossed the big bridge in Arizona and turned around. Digging deep into my archives, I meant to get back out there for more photos but not now. Photos via Nikon D3300.

Electricity Leaves The Dam

Here is another older photo from Hoover Dam. The transmission towers pop up from the canyon far below, transmitting that wonderful electricity that makes human life comfortable and even possible here in the Mojave Desert. I’m glad that Hoover Dam was built so incredibly strong!

The Antique Shoehorn

While in Boulder City several weeks ago purchasing the Navajo Pottery, I also picked up this antique shoehorn. It’s made of metal, very heavy and is built for both adult and child sizes. I use it for a doorstop! I have some different views of this coming up later.

Trains at Boulder City, Nevada

I was in Boulder City today for the sole purpose of visiting one specific store which is a mom-and-pop business that sells nothing but authentic Navajo and other tribal art and much more. I love this store, the last time I was there was about four  years ago when I was married but have drove past it many times since then. And for the record, I spent way too much!

I will post photos of these beautiful pieces of Navajo art starting tomorrow after I get some decent photos of the art. It’s late, the sun has said goodnight so I hope you’ll enjoy the photos once I capture them and process them tomorrow. I’m an old train buff, stopped to get these photos for my friend Dave in Michigan though. He’s a mega train buff! I also have more trains to post as well, so please stick around!

All photos are from my Nikon D3300 and Nikor 35mm lens.